Skywatch Friday and Friday’s Hunt

Skywatch Friday 25 Feb. 2016
Friday’s Hunt v1.9–Starts with I, Week’s Favorite, Something Blue

Starting with a cotton-candy sky for Something Blue:

Starts with I: Incoming

Week’s Favorite: Dark-eyed Junco

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Fat, er, Flat Tuesday

I arose early this morning with big plans for the day and promptly set about laundry, tidying up–and just as quickly pulled a muscle in my lower back–unloading that new dishwasher, nonetheless! One would think I’d have learned that lesson by now, heat and stretches come first. 

The day was spent standing or stretching out with ice and/or heat. When I was up, I washed the pots and pans that awaited in the sink, read email/blogs at the kitchen counter, and kept an eye on the birds. A hawk stopped by, but left with empty talons. It was too quick for me to photograph. 

The hardest part of the day was missing writers group tonight.

Here’s another slideshow so you can see some different visitors, most of these only show up at the feeders in winter:

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