New Year’s Day 2013

It’s almost here! I guess it will be by the time this posts and you read it. Our New Year begins with uncertainty. Monday morning we got one of “those” calls. The ones you know are inevitable, but never want to receive.

My hubby’s dad has taken a couple falls in the past week or so, and the one Sunday night landed him in ICU.

I lost both my parents back in the 90s. All of a sudden, those emotions are resurrected, bubbling just beneath the surface, waiting to erupt.

I’m thankful for those experiences. They gave me insight into what my hubby is dealing with: the feeling of shock as one’s world is shaken; the unsettled mind which refuses to focus; questioning whether to go, and when; considering responsibilities at home and work. Until one has walked that road, there is no way to understand what those travelers are going through. Oh, how I wished for someone to come alongside, someone who understood my pain.

But now, I am that person. I am able to offer comfort from that which I received. My heart breaks for my hubby. I didn’t want these days to come so soon for him, the days when those who have always been strong, supportive, and reliable begin to falter. It’s so unexpected. We grew up with them taking care of us, we never expected the roles to be reversed. Never.

I take comfort in Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3. (The Bible) To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…
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Let’s make the most of this new year. May we live on purpose, like we mean it. Don’t take a single day for granted, we are not promised tomorrow.




Five for Friday #6

1.  Compassion 
      a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

Thursday was the most emotional day I’ve had in awhile. A long while. I always thought compassion to be a warm-fuzzy-feel-good emotion, like LOVE.
I did an online search of “compassion” in the ESV Bible, and found it mentioned 57 times. I read a few in the New Testament; so many times Jesus “had compassion” on someone and reached out to help them. I now think His heart ached for them, very badly ached. 

2. Flaw
a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect; fault

I received an ad recently for a facial product, and the word “flaw” jumped out at me. “Conceal flaws…to restore youthful look.” Are they trying to tell me that my crow’s feet and smile lines are flaws? Defects? Without them my skin would be “perfect?” That just rubbed me the wrong way.                                                              

Okay, that’s enough heavy stuff for one post, let’s end this on a lighter note.

3. Give me a minute, I’m trying to think…

 My car has a “Low Tire Pressure” warning light. I’m beginning to think it is stuck! It came on not too long ago when the right front tire was low; put air in, leaked out…finally, hubby took it to the shop and had it resealed and remounted. The light came on again. That time, the left front had a screw in it. Plugged. Today, the light came on again, now it’s the right rear…I’ve never had so many tire problems…unless you consider the blow-out on a rental car on vacation…that was an adventure!

4. I’ve had lunch at Panera TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

5. Have I told you I have the MOST AMAZING grandchildren?

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