Six Word Friday–Vintage

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Today’s word is VINTAGE. I visited to see exactly what that meant. When I saw “old-fashioned or obsolete,” I thought to post a photo of myself and be done with it.
Instead, this is what I came up with:


It’s a vintage-style collage card.



Altered Book

Wednesday I attended an altered book workshop. I’ve read a lot about these in craft magazines, but didn’t quite grasp the purpose. It didn’t help that in the back of my mind was the teaching that we always take care of books, we don’t tear their pages, or write in them… 

I remember the first time someone mentioned writing notes in their Bible, highlighting text and such. I nearly fainted at the thought; but now, I underline scripture, and occasionally jot down a date when I have an AHA! moment.  I definitely wouldn’t use this altering technique on my Bible, though.

In the workshop, we smeared paint, glued, made windows and pockets, experimented with collage, all kinds of fun things. We took what looks like an ordinary book, and made it extraordinary. Well, mine isn’t there yet, but there is hope. 

Here’s a sneak peek:

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