Friday’s Hunt v3.11

Friday’s Hunt

This week’s prompts: Starts with K, Week’s Favorite, and Drink.

K is for colorful Kure Beach, NC

Week’s Favorite–A rare visitor to our yard–Cedar Waxwing

Drink–American Robin and House Sparrow stop by for a drink after work–it’s a tough job to reclaim one’s territory in the spring.

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New Visitor–Cedar Waxwing

The weekend started off well. Hubby and I celebrated our 37th anniversary this past week, and Saturday morning he spoke those three little words that make me swoon, “Breakfast at Panera?”

Saturday afternoon, the backyard came alive! Robins and starlings returned en masse, with a few grackles and a brand new visitor. I thought I caught a glimpse of a cedar waxwing, but it quickly left me to my doubts. I’ve seen crepe myrtle trees full of them, eating berries, but never a single bird, and never in our yard. 

Much to my surprise, when I downloaded the photos, there it was! 

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