Friday’s Hunt v3.6

Friday’s Hunt

I’m hurrying to beat the deadline for Friday’s Hunt. We’ve had a beautiful weekend here, 70s, and spent a lot of it in the Great Outdoors. Now, down to blogging business!

We are looking for Starts with F, Week’s Favorite, and Heart.

F is for Flower, Camellias are in bloom.

 My Week’s Favorite features a Mourning Dove on a blustery day.

Heart–I should have taken pics of some of the valentines I made! Good thing I played around in my art journal. Background stencil from Stencil Girl Products, designed by Traci Bautista. (Work in progress)


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Friday’s Hunt v1.11 and Today’s Flowers #390

Friday’s Hunt
Today’s Flowers

This week we are hunting for things that start with K, Week’s Favorite, and Flower.

K: Having fun on Uncle Mark’s kart 


My favorite for this week is a Ring-billed Gull balancing on a light fixture.

Week’s Favorite

The flower (Camellia) was found on a walk in one of the city parks. 

Flower – Camellia

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