Butterfly Brigade

The butterflies have been out in force, some flying in a holding pattern as they await a place to land. Then there are those that appear to be dancing in the air. Usually there are two, but today I saw a group of three and a group of four! They are so fast, I wonder if I’ll ever get a good shot of them doing that. 

A few new faces (or should I say wings?) showed up today. Enjoy!

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Black Swallowtail Butterflies

The caterpillars are becoming quite large now. 

There are still some early stage instars, but the larger ones are leaving the host plants and moving onto the next phase. 

I saw one attaching to the grid of the new cover on the platform feeder. It was gone later in the day when I looked for it, possibly eaten by a bird. 

Here’s a link that shows the various stages. 

Hubby saw one attaching itself to the siding on the house next to the back porch, and it was a chrysalis when I got home a couple hours later.

 I’ll keep an eye on it. If all goes well, we should have a brand new butterfly in 10-14 days!

Bonus: This is a cabbage white I found on the butterfly bush recently.