Good Fences

Here are a couple more shots from our local botanical garden. I’m not sure if this  qualifies as a fence, but I thought it made a nice background. It keeps the butterflies inside the “butterfly house” exhibit. 

And in this shot, I was so focused on the cattails I totally overlooked the fence in front of them. Please don’t take away my Good Fences license, I promise to get out and take better fence photos next week.

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Norfolk Botanical Garden–Part 1

Saturday we visited the Norfolk Botanical Garden. Our original plan was to be home by mid-afternoon so hubby could get his yard work done. However, he devised and implemented Plan B when there was so much to see and do–and his motivation to work at home waned. 

Our focus was to see the butterfly garden and butterfly house. We climbed onto the tram that was scheduled to leave on the half hour. The tram offers a 45-minute guided tour of the garden, and draws the rider’s attention to various plants and features. 

We hopped off when it stopped at the butterfly area. I was curious to see what was in bloom there this time of year; we need more fall color in our backyard. 

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Afterward, armed with a map of the garden, we headed out on foot to explore. More posts to follow…