Circle of Life–Summer

August in the northern hemisphere brings sweltering temperatures. Here along the mid-Atlantic coast the humidity soars right along with the mercury in the thermometer. 

To swelter is to boil, broil, fry, perspire, roast, sweat, and wilt. Yes, that describes it pretty well. I have personally perspired myself into a state of wilt.

In the garden, the drought-resistant plants are thriving, and those less tolerant are as limp as overcooked asparagus. 

The black swallowtail butterflies are frequent visitors since we planted fennel and parsley to host their larvae this year. In summer, the eggs are laid, the larvae emerge, and they proceed to devour the host plant as they move through several larval stages.

Then they disappear…only to return as a butterfly, and the cycle starts again. 

fennel before
fennel after

The goldfinches nest later than other birds. They will have only one brood per year, while house finches may have three or more. A new wave of young house finches is now visiting the feeders.