Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release 

Sadly, I have no bird pictures to share this week. Not yet, anyway. So today I’m sharing the butterfly garden at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

This is the last week for the Butterfly House. Tagging of the Monarchs takes place Saturday, and then the release. It looks like the flowers are ready to welcome them. Click the blue link for more information, in case you are in the area.


Willy Nilly Friday 5 #47

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. My “gardening buddy” from a previous post found a friend. The friend came for lunch with a flock of pigeons. When the pigeons were startled and fled the scene, my little buddy went with them. I guess it gave up the gardening life to be a bird. 

My “buddy” sits on the left with the unruly feather. That’s how I identified it.

2. Last weekend, we took a different route to Norfolk Botanical Garden to find an Osprey nest hubby learned about from a coworker.

Osprey are resourceful, look at all those recycled materials!

3. I need to post this photo (from Norfolk Botanical Garden) in my garden so the newly seeded bed will know what it’s supposed to be when it grows up. 

Butterfly garden

4. Found this chart for flower ID posted at the botanical garden. 

Or were they showing their seeds what look to strive for?

5. You know it’s hot when even the pigeons lie around the pool! 




Thankful Thursday and 5 Random Thoughts

My days of the week are totally mixed up! I’ve been attempting to keep the hours of a morning person–some days out of necessity–but I keep falling back into my regularly-scheduled program. 


I may have said this before, but I’m thankful for our public library. It offers a wide selection of magazines to read without paying a subscription fee, Wi-fi, use of computers for those who don’t have one, and music, movies and, oh yes, BOOKS on everything imaginable.

Now for some RANDOMNESS

1. I love Wi-fi! Our downstairs a/c is inoperable, so I’m sitting in a zero-gravity lawn chair under the oak tree with birds singing overhead. Some of them might be telling me to go back in the house where I belong, but I don’t understand bird-speak. (Or I’m feigning ignorance–shhh don’t tell!)

2. This is the first year milkweed planted the previous year returned. I’m ready for the Monarch butterflies to appear. Hopefully they’ll get here before the aphids. 

3. The Bee Balm is robust this year, also. Maybe a hard winter isn’t so bad for the garden, after all. 

4. Cutting back the Butterfly Bush in late winter, we discovered a rotted section at its base. We lost about a third of it, but the remainder is coming back strong.

5.  The Coneflowers have a lot of buds.

Bonus Randomness

This is the Fennel jungle. Fennel is a host plant for Black Swallowtail butterflies. I hope we see lots of them this year.

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Weekly Photo Challenge, Phoneography–Future Tense

I found some greenery that will be daylilies one of these days,


and the butterfly bush that holds the promise of blossoms and the butterflies of summer.

Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush

And then we have the photo that shows weeding in my future.

Weeds. If only everything else grew so well.
Weeds. If only everything else grew so well.

Have a great weekend!
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Norfolk Botanical Garden–Part 1

Saturday we visited the Norfolk Botanical Garden. Our original plan was to be home by mid-afternoon so hubby could get his yard work done. However, he devised and implemented Plan B when there was so much to see and do–and his motivation to work at home waned. 

Our focus was to see the butterfly garden and butterfly house. We climbed onto the tram that was scheduled to leave on the half hour. The tram offers a 45-minute guided tour of the garden, and draws the rider’s attention to various plants and features. 

We hopped off when it stopped at the butterfly area. I was curious to see what was in bloom there this time of year; we need more fall color in our backyard. 

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Afterward, armed with a map of the garden, we headed out on foot to explore. More posts to follow…



Lions and Tigers and Bees, Oh My!

Ok, I admit it, the lion part was fiction. Unless you consider I was “lion down” on the job, preoccupied with earthquakes and hurricanes. 

Before our little earth-shaking adventure, I was out in the yard and found not one, but TWO Tiger Swallowtails on the butterfly bush. 

And a bumblebee, too!Tomorrow, I’m going to have a guest posting my blog. I can’t wait for you to meet her!