Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday

1. The vacuum cleaner weighs SO MUCH LESS with a new bag.

2. Every town needs a clock like this:



3. The yard bunny likes our little patio. As you can see, she keeps the grass neatly trimmed.backyard 2013 002
4. Look who is hiding its face with its fingers–a black-eyed susan
backyard 2013 012
5. The butterfly bush is just about ready for visitors.backyard 2013 019

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Weekly Photo Challenge, Phoneography–Future Tense

I found some greenery that will be daylilies one of these days,


and the butterfly bush that holds the promise of blossoms and the butterflies of summer.

Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush

And then we have the photo that shows weeding in my future.

Weeds. If only everything else grew so well.
Weeds. If only everything else grew so well.

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Butterfly Brigade

The butterflies have been out in force, some flying in a holding pattern as they await a place to land. Then there are those that appear to be dancing in the air. Usually there are two, but today I saw a group of three and a group of four! They are so fast, I wonder if I’ll ever get a good shot of them doing that. 

A few new faces (or should I say wings?) showed up today. Enjoy!

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Weekly Photo Challenge–Purple

This is a new addition to our garden, vitex, planted autumn of 2011. This was a shady corner until an oak tree was removed by our neighbor. Looking on the bright side, and I mean that literally, it doubled the area for our butterfly garden. 

The bee was determined to be in the photo–for contrast, of course. I’m not one to strike up an argument with a bee.

We added this butterfly bush earlier this month.

I hope it does as well as this one.



What’s New in Early June

The flowers have been beckoning me to bring the camera outside–before it’s too late! So, today I got out there before it rained.

Bittersweet, the mockingbird has found a girl, and they are busily preparing a home. He’s no longer singing at all hours of the day and night, and I miss that.

Silent Mockingbird

Mr. and Mrs. Song Sparrow are also busily preparing for their future family. He has taken over the mockingbird’s singing post and scolds anyone who dares to venture into his territory (which I believe encompasses most of the side and back yards). 

Don’t make me come down there.
Tch Tch Tch Isn’t it time you went back in the house?

The rest is what is in bloom, and in the case of the Lorapetalum, not in bloom, but pretty, as the foliage turns a deep maroon in the sunlight.