A New View of Our Big Backyard

Tuesday morning, I noticed these scattered under the oak tree, a sure sign that a squirrel was building a nest. 

 I gathered this pile of gnawed-off branches for you to see, and planned to share another joyful backyard post. My husband joked that they waste a lot of construction materials.

 We spied a young bunny 🙂 in the yard this past weekend. 

 Tuesday afternoon, we were on the receiving end of a severe thunderstorm, which I knew not of, as I was getting a massage and listening to peaceful music while havoc was wreaked on the great outdoors with 60-70 mph winds. When I arrived home, the snowy white substance in the landscape bed caught my eye. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was hail. 

 There was a LOT more debris found in the backyard, but it couldn’t be blamed on the squirrel. Poor thing, it was running back and forth across the tree, like it couldn’t find what it was looking for; and I wondered if animals experience shock. Taking a closer look at the plants in the butterfly and herb garden, I found leaves shredded, plants flattened as if they’d been forced to bend in one direction,  broken limbs and stems. A gerbera daisy had every flower stem broken, as did the bee balm.

A cherry tree between our yard and the neighbor’s had been uprooted.

This is what is left of those beautiful rhododendron blossoms. I’m glad to have enjoyed them while they lasted.

Sometimes I wonder if gardening is worth the effort. Realizing the sense of loss I experienced at seeing what had happened in our yard, how much more I felt for those who have had everything familiar stripped away by the recent tornadoes. I thought of the squirrels that once ran through the trees of their now-destroyed landscape. And how many gardens were ruined, if they could even find their garden?

This quote I’d seen posted on Facebook recently came to mind:
“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” –Martin Luther

Let us continue to sow our seeds into the soil, and into the lives of others, for we all share this Big Backyard.
May God bless you this day, in a very special way.