Got the Blues?

Blue Jay
The Daily Post: Cozy

Thought I’d do a wordless Wednesday post, but then, I realized it’s Thursday already. I knew I would fall victim to the don’t-know-what-day-it-is diagnosis. All I know is: IT IS COLD!

I don’t think we got out of the 20s today. I passed on “Lunch with Hubby,” opting to stay inside where it is COZY & WARM. We had a small-craft advisory, too, so my ‘small craft’ stayed in the driveway.

We had a nice Christmas with family: Celebrated Kai-Le’s 12th birthday, and Taylor shared her Guatemala photos. She’s making plans to return there in April, for SIX MONTHS! 

In case I don’t get back in time,  Happy New Year! 




Friday’s Hunt v3.7

Friday’s Hunt

Hello, again! Another week has flown by and it’s time for Friday’s Hunt. This week the hunt is on for Starts with G, Week’s Favorite, and Pink. I guess I’d better check my camera and see if I got any photos this week…

My Week’s Favorite (sadly, only decent photo I took this week) also includes Starts with G–the green peanut feeder.

Blue Jay

For Pink, in our garden, we have the lovely Loropetalum, also called Fringe Flower. 

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Wild Bird Wednesday #201 – Blue Jay

Wild Bird Wednesday #201

The Blue Jay (link to “anting” behavior article) visited again today, and this time, the camera was at hand! It’s been perching where highly visible, hoping I’ll show up with peanuts or Jim’s Birdacious Bark Butter Bits

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Friday’s Hunt

Friday’s Hunt v1.17

This week we’re looking for Begins with Q, Week’s Favorite, and At Rest

This double-wedding ring Quilt was made by hubby’s maternal grandmother. She said it was to be given to her first grandchild that got married. Being the oldest sibling sometimes has its perks! My secret is out, I married him for the quilt.

My Week’s Favorite isn’t the best photo, but I  enjoyed watching a pair of American Robins gather mud and grass in tag-team fashion to build a nest. 

The Blue Jay appears to be At Rest in the Vitex, probably waiting for someone to fill the peanut feeder. I’ll link up to Eden Hills blog before the cut-off, but we have a birthday girl to celebrate until then!


Wild Bird Wednesday #103


More baby pictures this week, and signs molting has begun.

Clicking any photo will bring up a slide show with text. The Downy Woodpecker juvenile has been so hard to photograph, always on the move.

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