Friday’s Hunt v2.1

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re hunting for something that Starts with A, Week’s Favorite, and Macro

Artwork at the beach

Week’s Favorite

American Goldfinch on Bee Balm


Fowler’s Toad seen at Fredericksburg Battlefield

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Good Fences #70

Good Fences #70

This is how the Bee Balm looked about a month ago, at its peak. It looks very sad now. It continues to spread out a little more each year, much to my delight. The remainder of our old chain-link fence keeps it from taking over the neighborhood.

Bee Balm


Willy Nilly Friday Five

Willy Nilly Friday Five

It’s no longer Friday, is it? It’s been a busy week, but I feel like I’m making progress around the house.

1. I started off this week with my 1100th blog post. It’s hard to imagine that many posts. Thanks for sticking around and making this journey so enjoyable. Georgette recently reminded me of my humble beginnings, exploring my own backyard. I’ve moved away from home-body status and enlarged my borders. I appreciate that you spend a few moments of your precious, limited time to stop by and say ‘hi.’ 

2. Last weekend we sowed the seeds of a butterfly/hummingbird meadow in some bare areas of the garden. After three days of rain and a wee bit of sunshine, I’m seeing tiny green leaves. 

Will require thinning, we kinda overdid it.

The lilies are slowly withering, but the bee balm and milkweed are ablaze. Now all we need are bees and butterflies!

Asiatic Lilies
Bee Balm
Butterfly Weed

3. This morning I noticed a “Sold” sign appeared on the “For Sale” sign of the house next door. Looks like we’ll get new neighbors soon. I know the current residents are itching to return to their beloved Maine.  

4. I spent the entire day Friday cleaning my “art” room. 

I don’t think I can get much more in here…I’ll let you know when I find the desk!

5. Found these cute pelican light and fan pulls.

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Thankful Thursday and 5 Random Thoughts

My days of the week are totally mixed up! I’ve been attempting to keep the hours of a morning person–some days out of necessity–but I keep falling back into my regularly-scheduled program. 


I may have said this before, but I’m thankful for our public library. It offers a wide selection of magazines to read without paying a subscription fee, Wi-fi, use of computers for those who don’t have one, and music, movies and, oh yes, BOOKS on everything imaginable.

Now for some RANDOMNESS

1. I love Wi-fi! Our downstairs a/c is inoperable, so I’m sitting in a zero-gravity lawn chair under the oak tree with birds singing overhead. Some of them might be telling me to go back in the house where I belong, but I don’t understand bird-speak. (Or I’m feigning ignorance–shhh don’t tell!)

2. This is the first year milkweed planted the previous year returned. I’m ready for the Monarch butterflies to appear. Hopefully they’ll get here before the aphids. 

3. The Bee Balm is robust this year, also. Maybe a hard winter isn’t so bad for the garden, after all. 

4. Cutting back the Butterfly Bush in late winter, we discovered a rotted section at its base. We lost about a third of it, but the remainder is coming back strong.

5.  The Coneflowers have a lot of buds.

Bonus Randomness

This is the Fennel jungle. Fennel is a host plant for Black Swallowtail butterflies. I hope we see lots of them this year.

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Random 5 Friday

Nancy at Rural Journal is hosting Random 5 Friday. The highlighted/underlined text is the link to her blog where you can find others sharing their five random thoughts. 

1. We’re expecting an uninvited guest today, Tropical Storm Andrea. Hopefully, she will be unimpressed with her visit here and will direct all her family members that pop up this season to avoid landfall. 

2. Scattered showers arose this morning, the sky was very dark, but now we have sunshine–and a tornado watch. That’s not something one wants to think about so soon after the the destruction wrought in Oklahoma. 

3. The bee balm is in full bloom. I took pictures last evening, just in case the winds and rain knock them down. That’s the butterfly bush behind it, getting ready to blossom. 

Bee balm blooming
Bee balm blooming

4. Had trigger point injections this morning; as I left my doctor’s office, I saw this mermaid in front of the building across the road. 

Oops! I cut off part of her tail fin.
Oops! I cut off part of her tail fin. 

5. Virginia Beach has a dolphin theme. We spotted this one on one of our Sunday drives.

Don't look now, but this one is missing part of its tail, too!
Don’t look now, but this one is missing part of its tail, too!



Butterfly Brigade

The butterflies have been out in force, some flying in a holding pattern as they await a place to land. Then there are those that appear to be dancing in the air. Usually there are two, but today I saw a group of three and a group of four! They are so fast, I wonder if I’ll ever get a good shot of them doing that. 

A few new faces (or should I say wings?) showed up today. Enjoy!

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