Share Your World–2014 Week 5

Buckle your seat belt and put on your crash helmet–it’s time for another trip around Share Your World! Here are Cee’s four questions for this week:

1. If you had a choice to live anywhere, would you choose:

  • Salt-water beaches
  • Forest
  • Fresh-water lakes
  • Hot Tub
  • Ski Resort
  • Desert

After two snowstorms in two weeks, a hot tub in the desert sounds pretty good.

2. What was your favorite toy as a child…and now?

I remember Jacks and Pick Up Sticks on the front porch; now, my toys are electronic–computer, tablet, smart phone.

3. Which do you prefer: Sweet, salty, or both at the same time?

I’m thinking of Kettle Corn, so both would be good.

4. Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

OR NOT! Because there would be entirely too much whining over here on my blog, which is not good for readership.

If you’re a new visitor, you can click Share Your World, create your  own post, and link to Cee’s blog; or leave your answers in the comments below. I always enjoy reading your answers.




Friday Fictioneers–4 October 2013

I look forward to Wednesdays and the arrival of Rochelle’s photo prompt for the Friday Fictioneers meme. My 100-word story follows this week’s photo.

Copyright--E.A. Wicklund
Copyright–E.A. Wicklund


The grains of sand warmed Sarah’s bare feet, even as the breeze cooled her body. Once again, she was reminded of the turbulence that is life—wrong, right; dark, light; peace, strife. Would it ever be as smooth as the stones on the shore, those pummeled by the waves? How easy it would be to wander into the sea and never return. Observing an eagle and osprey battling for dinner, she realized the stronger and most determined got the fish. Now the expanse of sea and sky acquired new meaning. She could see Eternity, and knew what she must do. 

There are more 100-word stories, and maybe even yours? Find the rules and the rest of the gang at Friday Fictioneers.

Share Your World–2013 Week 7

Cee made me put on my thinking cap with this week’s questions, and I’m still struggling to fasten the buckle under my chin. Too many chins, maybe?  Here, have a look at them…the questions, not my chins. 

Your favorite place within two hours of your home?

What is your favorite TV show or movie of all time (for example can watch it over and over again and quote lines from it)?

Where do you eat breakfast?

What is your most favorite smell/scent?

1. This is difficult because there are too many possibilities! If there was no traffic and I could drive really fast, our daughter’s house would qualify. Since it’s technically outside the two hour window…
Aw, c’mon Cee, are you going to make me choose between the Norfolk Botanical Garden and the beach? I can’t  decide!

Norfolk Botanical Garden 022V




Ok, I’ll stop whining. 

2. That would have to be the Men in Black series. The first one came out in 1997, the year my mom died, and made me laugh when I wasn’t sure I’d ever laugh again. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are great together. 

3. I eat breakfast where I have a view of the backyard, inside or out, depending on the weather. 

4. Yankee Candle “caribbean christmas.” It’s a mix of Coconut Bay and Pineapple Cilantro. Love Love Love it! And it’s not just for Christmas!



Trip to the Shore

Vintage Workshop

I remember the first time I saw the Atlantic Ocean. Up until then, I couldn’t figure out why one couldn’t see the continents that lie on the other side. Well, I found my answer…there is a huge hump in the midst of the sea! Apparently one has to take a boat out to the top of the hump, and THEN Africa and Europe will surely become visible.

My mom collected shells–or rather broken pieces of shells–and rocks as we plodded through the sand. I inherited them, too. They sit in a box in the garage. I sorted through them recently, looking for some interesting adornments to add to a butterfly oasis we were creating. It brought back fond memories of that day. 

I don’t know that my mom ever owned a bathing suit, she always claimed to be afraid of the water. She was fully clothed the day of our visit. In my mind’s eye, I can still see her, bent over, looking for those treasures. 

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. Matthew 6:20


Inspiration Monday XIV

Written in ABC format, the prompt I chose for Inspiration Monday this week is:


A trip to the beach
Basking on the shore
Clad in bikini
Donned nothing more
Everyone can enjoy it
Following the sun
Gee, the sand is hot
Hey, let’s run
Into the water
Jumping and splashing
Kicking up sand
Laughing, laughing
Mom and her camera
Never apart
Picture shot
Run to the vendor
Sodas for all
Taking a drink
Uh-oh, did you see what I saw?
Very confidently
Waxing strong
X-rated runner
Yes, he’s
Zipping along

Tropical Art Quilt-UFO

During my blog research, I found several people who wrote that having a blog provided accountability, and they were able to finish some UFOs (Unfinished Objects) by putting their work in front of the public. Inspired, I went to my sewing room and found one of my UFOs and hereby present this 18″ x 24″ quilt. Please feel free to inquire, nag, or try any other motivational tricks you might have up your sleeve. Thanks for stopping by!