Barn Charm 9/3/2012

I spent a couple days with my daughter last week. She told me where to find a nice barn for this week’s Barn Charm. It required several U-turns, finding a place to park, and crossing several lanes of traffic on foot; but it was so worth it, don’t you think? I’m glad she mentioned the “reflecting pool,” once seen, there was no going home without a photo! Thanks, Suzanne!

Barn Charm 7/30/12 #96

This barn looks very similar to the one posted last week. I wondered if I’d gotten my photos mixed up, until I realized this one had a dirt road leading to it, where the other was paved. 

Roaming the back roads, my GPS and I, came upon this sign. I felt like “Wild Sally” that day, but I should never have mentioned it to anyone else. Maybe my niece will forget I told her…

I would like to meet this lady!

I have a feeling I will soon know how many friends and family members read my blog. 🙂

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