Friday Memes

Friday’s Hunt v1.23: W, Week’s Favorite, Rough
Willy Nilly Friday 5 #85
Today’s Flowers #411
Skywatch Friday 2 June 2016 Edition

1. Welcome Home!

2. My favorite this week is a late-blooming Rhododendron. Half a shrub survives after a limb fell from the oak and took out the other half.

3. Ms. Mallard doesn’t seem to mind the rough old platform feeder.

4. Fledglings are showing up at the feeders and birdbaths. 


5. Sky shot from a previous visit to Mt. Trashmore.


Random 5 Friday

If I’m going to get a post written today, I’d better get busy! 

1. I was supposed to have lunch with hubby today, but distractions came up at work for him, so I went to Plan B.

2. I really didn’t have a Plan B. Considered a pajama day when I realized the 75 degrees this morning plummeted to a windy 61 in short order.

3. I’ve been enjoying smoothies this week.

4. Baby birds are being heard outside, requesting their dinner. Impatient bunch! 

5. I bought an infusion pitcher this week to add fresh fruit flavor to teas. Has anyone else tried one of those? Do you have any favorite recipes to share?

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