Art Journal Pages

The “structured” side of me is beginning to understand the building of journal pages over time, layer by layer. I noticed that I’d dated a page that was started several months ago. Hm, wonder what date one is supposed to use on those? Maybe just a year, or decade range? 🙂

Here are closeup shots:

Strathmore Art Journal Workshop 2

Here’s my first page for this workshop. It is in need of something, but the pages are a work in progress, to be changed and added to at any time.

Linda Blinn, our teacher, recommended staggering the first three pages which will ease the wear and tear on the edges over time. Personally, I like the look of the layered edges. I covered them with coordinating scrapbook papers and edged them with ribbon.

The background wash and hearts were done using Staedtler Karat Aquarell watercolor pencils; the flower was done with Lyra Super Ferby pencils which have a soft shimmer,  not evident in the photo.

Another March Birthday






I didn’t get to work in my art journal today, but I did get to experiment with one of the techniques: spraying various colors through template shapes to create a background. This card is for my father-in-law.  Let’s see a show of hands, how many of you knew there would be a bird involved? 🙂

March is a busy month for me, with lots of birthdays among our family and friends. I’m not inclined to make “quick” cards, and rarely are any two alike.

I bought a book (imagine that!) some time ago when conducting research on making and selling cards. The key to the author’s success involved cards that could be made quickly, in multiples of the same card design. I would find that terribly boring!

That’s when I decided that, for me, it’s not about making money. I do it to try new art mediums, and stretch those creative muscles to develop new skills–but the best part of all is focusing on the card recipient throughout the process. Memories are stirred, prayers are spoken, and I hope they are blessed when it arrives in their mailbox.

Thanks for stopping by!

Art Journal Workshop Project

I’ve been a “word” journaler for years, but this is my first attempt at visual journaling. I signed up for the online Strathmore Art Journal Workshop with Pam Carriker. I printed a couple photos from our backyard onto regular paper and collaged them onto 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. We used graphite and charcoal pencils, oil pastels and gesso. Acrylic paint was sponged on some areas. The birds on the ground and flying were rubber stamped.

Want to try this out? Click the link: Strathmore Art Journal Workshop. The videos are available until August 1, 2011. The second workshop, with Linda Blinn will begin March 1, 2011.

You can view the pages others have submitted by clicking the above link, choosing the “home” page, and scrolling to the lower left corner.