Wild Bird Wednesday #208–American Crow

Wild Bird Wednesday–American Crow, Adult and Juvenile

Crows are usually skittish, but lately, these two spend a fair amount of time in our yard. Often I hear the caw of the juvenile somewhere on the roof, and usually find the adult looking for food, or waiting for the juvenile to join it on a bare branch in the oak tree. Normally skittish, it seems odd the adult will sit atop the feeder pole, looking down at the empty dish until I fill it. Yes, I’m easily trained. 

The smaller songbirds keep their distance until the crows leave–usually with a Northern Mockingbird on their tail, telling them they’ve worn out their welcome.

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Trouble Afoot

Trouble Afoot

After my car’s oil change, I realized I wasn’t far from Ocean View city park in Norfolk. This is an area undergoing massive redevelopment along the shore of Chesapeake Bay. It has a history of crime, and the city is working hard to remove that scar from its body. Sadly, many citizens are displaced, no longer able to afford housing in that area. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised when a scuffle ensued. 

Apparently, a Ring-billed Gull ventured onto American Crow turf. The squawking could be heard over the entire park.

A European Starling served as referee of this tag-team match. The gull was undeniably outnumbered.

Back-up arrived, created a diversion…


…and the gull made its escape…


…and I got to practice birds-in-flight photography!

Wild Bird Wednesday #133–American Crow

American Crow

The American Crow is a large, stately bird, though quite skittish. Occasionally, they will visit our backyard for corn or peanuts. More often, they are found at the local shopping center hanging out with the seagulls, waiting for someone to toss a French fry their way.

The oldest recorded wild Crow lived to be 16-years-old. One in captivity lived 59 years.

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Wild Bird Wednesday #112

I didn’t have any new bird shots to share last week, so I went out and found a few to share with you today. 

The Northern Mockingbird was flitting around, making a lot of noise. No flattering shot for it, I'm afraid!
The Northern Mockingbird was flitting around, making a lot of noise. No flattering shot for it, I’m afraid!
American Crow
American Crow
Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

These were all found at the local botanical garden.
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Wild Bird Wednesday 78–Feathers and Fur

No feathers or fur were flying–they seem to have a mutual respect for each other.

An American Crow was feasting on the platform–until this squirrel came along. The squirrel timidly approached, placed its front paws on the feeder, then backed off–several times. I don’t know what it said to the crow, but the crow hopped off and let the squirrel have a snack.

backyard2014 001

The crow walked around to the side of the feeder…

backyard2014 003

…it must have given the squirrel the stink eye, because it didn’t stay much longer.

backyard2014 007

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