Good Fences #102 and Skywatch

Good Fences #102
Skywatch Friday 2016 March 03 Edition

Met hubby for lunch, and realized I needed a fence for today’s post. Yes! I knew right where to find one.

This observation area is near the airport, and there are usually people sitting in their cars, observing. Some appear to be napping. So, I showed up. Did I mention I’m having trouble with my power door locks? I opened the door to step out for a photo op, and my car alarm went off! With me, the simplest endeavors may end in adventure! They should have hired me for those Southwest Airlines commercials:  Wanna get away? That would have been a good time to escape disappear.

Taxiing down the runway on an overcast day.

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Good Fences #91

Good Fences #91

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm day Sunday and went to the botanical garden. The airport appeared to be busy from the sound of things, so we headed to the scenic overlook to observe. We were surprised to find this plane sitting so close, with a crew working on it. In looking through photos this evening, I was happy to see a fence positioned in front of it! 

This was taken with my cell phone as the sun was setting. I need to take advantage of the course to improve iPhone photography!