Adventures of Andy–Virginia Beach Part 1

Andy is the perfect house guest! He makes his bed every morning, and has been very helpful around the house. Sending thanks to Lenore Diane, who is loaning him out to travel the world.

He insists his legs are too short to facilitate washing windows. 

Since he’s been working so hard, and enjoys watching birds fly in and out of the yard, we decided to take him to the air show this weekend to see some serious flying. That will be shown in Part 2. 

Weekly Photo Challenge–Today

Here’s my offering for the Weekly Photo Challenge for the prompt “Today.”This was what traffic looked like on the way home from the air show that took place this weekend at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Just ahead, two lanes were blocked by an accident. Those of us who knew our way around escaped at the first available exit. 

You may remember, awhile back I posted about trouble with air leaking out of my tires for one reason or another–until all four were broken down and remounted. Thursday was errand day, and the low-pressure light came on again. I drove to a parking lot where I could check the tires, and this is what I found! Looks like I’ll be getting new ones this week. 

Have any exciting traffic or tire stories to share?