Friday Fictioneers–6 March 2015

 Friday Fictioneers take a photo prompt and write a 100-word story. This week’s photo is provided by Erin Leary. My story follows.

Copyright–Erin Leary


No Fun Gus

Well, he wouldn’t be troublin’ her no more. Jane vowed the next time Gus hit her would be the last. The day came, and she was ready. As ready as one can be. She chuckled about the pre-planned funeral. Those fellas in the fancy duds had nothin’ on her. She’d take care of the buryin’ business. She carted him to the property line where she’d dug a mighty fine hole, and dumped him in. A few days later she marveled at what she saw. Mama used to say folks was, “pushin’ up daisies.” This rotten scoundrel done got mushrooms!

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Friday Fictioneers–Predator

Friday Fictioneers

I’ve been absent from Friday Fictioneers too long! I miss this community of 100-word-story writers. Here is our photo prompt for this week, and my fiction follows.

Photo courtesy of Jean L. Hays
Photo copyright Jean L. Hays


I stood to stretch at my office window and surveyed the activity on the street below. Not the best part of town, it’s a bit run down. A teenaged girl stepped off the Greyhound bus and looked from side to side. A familiar figure approached, took her by the arm, and led her into a small cafe. I bolted from the office! Bypassing the elevator, I descended the stairs to the street. My trembling fingers opened the cafe door, my eyes darted from table to table. There! I didn’t know how, but I could not let her become a victim, too.

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Friday Fictioneers–12 September 2014

I’ve been absent from Friday Fictioneers–for too long! Janet Webb’s photo (below) prompted me to write the following story.

Copyright–Janet Webb

I awoke, once again, in the wee hours and trudged to the bathroom. This time, there was no snoring, no raspy breaths. The darkness outside my window reflected my feelings. Salty streams flowed freely as sobs wracked my body. I lifted the soft chenille from the robe hook, buried my face to dry the tears, then wrapped it around my shoulders, trying to feel the warmth of the arms that once encircled and drew me near. I slipped to the other side of the bed, felt for a pulse, and dialed 911. Then I knelt by the bedside and waited.

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Friday Fictioneers–11 July 2014


Welcome to my post for Friday Fictioneers.

Copyright–Kelly Sands

The Final Battle

As the residents slept peacefully in their beds, an angry war raged in the sky overhead.

Sides were chosen, weapons drawn.  A fight to the finish, once and for all.

The winds confronted one another, a rumbling thunder rent asunder by bold flashes of cutting edges.

The sky darkened as the tempest roared, the sound of hooves could now be heard. On the horizon war horses appeared, the day arrived that all had feared.

The final battle, night versus day: Moon and Stars, held at bay.

When smoke cleared, none were left to tell the tale of that fateful day.


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Friday Fictioneers–21 March 2014

Here is the photo prompt courtesy of our Friday Fictioneer hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My 100-word story follows.

Copyright–Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Life Allows U-turns

Sally couldn’t wait until graduation. She studied long hours to earn a college scholarship, her ticket off the pig farm. She anxiously awaited the adventures of the city. The day finally arrived! Mama and Daddy drove her to the train station, and tearfully saw her on her way to live her dream.

At the end of her senior year, the man she loved said they needed to see other people. The cold, hard city closed in on her aching heart like a metal cage. She longed for green grass and the babbling brook that held her deepest secrets. Hello, Mama…?

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Friday Fictioneers–14 February 2014

Janet Webb provided our photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. It’s the perfect image for a 100-word Valentine post, don’t you think? As you will see, this is not my ordinary story.  Hubby better find some chocolate, that’s all I’m saying.

Copyright–Janet Webb


“How did I get here?” mumbled Mary to herself. Looking around, she realized she was sitting in the brick-paved alley behind Nick’s Lonely Hearts Lounge. She vaguely remembered arriving at the club in the slinky red dress and heels she’d found at Goodwill for the Valentine’s Day party. Once again, she had hoped Cupid’s arrow would pierce the heart of a suitor and her nights at Nick’s would end. She kicked off the remaining shoe, tucked her legs under her and attempted to rise to her feet. That’s when she saw the bloody filet knife on the ground beside her.  

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Friday Fictioneers–6 December 2013

It’s a busy time of year, and I missed Friday Fictioneers last week, but I’m back this week with a 100-word story which follows the photo prompt provided by Randy Mazie.

Copyright: Randy Mazie

No Trespassing

Lydia never saw it coming. She was focused on the chemo and side effects, and carried the hope of health.

John, on the other hand, sought consolation in the arms of another. The day came when he broke the news to Lydia; he couldn’t go on watching her suffer so. He packed his bag and left.

Lydia boarded the windows of her heart and posted a “No Trespassing” sign.

Five years of remission later, a gentleman came into her life and said, “I’m going to sweep you off your feet.” She told him he’d better have a pretty stiff broom.

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