Wednesday Around the World

70F (21C) A good day for a swim
This is what’s left of the snow–not a pretty sight.
Came home from my walk to find dinner guests. This is the Mallard’s first visit to our yard this year.

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Around and About

I had to be up early to drive hubby to work, so I snapped a few shots of autumn in December to share with you.

A Painted Bunting (male) visited us for the first time 12/3.
Can you find the Great Blue Heron?
Fall color
Great Egret and Canada Geese
Fall colors, leaves hanging on

There are fences in the background of some of these, but they blend into the scenery. Honest! How about a bulkhead, then? It fences the water in…?

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Wild Bird Wednesday #114–Exercise Class

Today I’m featuring a few of my backyard friends, feathered–and otherwise. It’s beginning to feel like fall in Virginia, the humidity lessens, a nice breeze welcomes one to step outdoors, and the hours of daylight decrease a wee bit each day. Acorns are falling and the squirrels are burying them.

Song Sparrow demonstrates: Lean forward, stretch to the left, and touch your toes...
Song Sparrow demonstrates: Lean forward, stretch to the left, and touch your toes…
...and up...
…now stand up tall…
...stretch to the right...neck a little tight?...
…stretch to the right…neck a little tight?…
...look to the right and hold that stretch...
…look to the right and hold that stretch…
Brown Thrasher...
Brown Thrasher demonstrates…
...demonstrates the plank those abs!
…the plank position…work those abs!
And here we have Downward-facing Dog.
And here we have Downward-facing Dog Squirrel.

That’s your workout for the day–carry on! Happy Wednesday!

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Wednesday Around the World

Another new meme for me this week, Wednesday Around the World.

A male Northern Cardinal graced the back fence this morning. They are usually quite busy, and one must be on their toes to capture them in a photograph. This one seemed to be content to observe his surroundings, staying long enough for me to finally try out the Color Effects feature on my camera. He’s molting, so his feathers have a shabby chic look to them. You’re still handsome, buddy.