Wild Bird Wednesday #112

I didn’t have any new bird shots to share last week, so I went out and found a few to share with you today. 

The Northern Mockingbird was flitting around, making a lot of noise. No flattering shot for it, I’m afraid!
American Crow
Great Blue Heron

These were all found at the local botanical garden.
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Water World Wednesday

029We were on our way home from North Carolina when we came to a small bridge. Just before crossing the bridge there was a pull-off area and boat ramp; we stopped to stretch our legs. I could have sat on the small dock all day to take in this tranquil scene. 

Sorry I’m not getting by to visit your blogs, we’ve had a lot going on this week.

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Roanoke River Lighthouse

In November of 2010, we visited historic Edenton, North Carolina.  At that time, we found the Roanoke River Lighthouse sitting in the park on Edenton Bay. 

Roanoke River Lighthouse
Roanoke River Lighthouse

We visited again, June 2013, and found it moved to its new home, out in the water. 

Situated in its new home
Situated in its new home

It was constructed in 1886, and served as a beacon nine miles out in the Albemarle Sound at the entrance to the Roanoke River.

It remained in service until 1941, and was moved to Edenton in 1955.

The exterior work is complete; when the interior is done, hopefully later this year, it will be open to the public.

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