Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park–Part 2

Thought I’d share a few more interesting birds with you. 

First up is the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. This bird is not just another pretty face; it stole my heart and I’d have brought it home if they’d let me! When I walked up to their enclosure, one came to greet me, and leaned into the fence so I could rub its neck. Love at first sight! 

Look at those “eyelashes!” Actually, they are feathers.

Next is the Luzon Bleeding-heart Dove. It is aptly named, don’t you think?

We caught one of the Eurasian Eagle Owls napping.

There was no napping on the side of the park with this crew! Turkey vultures were flying overhead, and the macaws were sounding the intruder alert. They were really loud!

Trumpeter Swans are the largest waterfowl species in North America. Average weight is 21-30 pounds, but a large male may weigh as much as 35. Their wingspan is over seven feet, and an adult will stand four feet tall. They mate for life, and often live 20-30 years. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few more unusual feathered friends. 



Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park–Peafowl

I took so many pictures at the Sylvan Heights waterfowl park, it’s going to take a few posts to share them with you. Our featured guest today is the peacock. He was the most photogenic, apparently, because I have more photos of him than any of the others. I’m loading them medium size so the page will load faster, but you can enlarge them by clicking on the image. 

In this photo, do you see the acrylic square above and to the left of the bird? A small section of the fence has been cut out, and if one pays for a photo pass, a key is provided to unlock those so pictures can be taken without the wire cage between the photographer’s lens and the bird. Note to self: Go back soon–and get that pass! 

Here’s a close-up. Doesn’t this remind one of the Emperor’s new clothes or something? 

Side view:

Back view:

My hubby saw those feathers fanned out, but I missed it. I might have to get him his own camera…

Are you a follower of Cecelia’s blog? She recently acquired a peacock, Kupa, and then she got two peahens. In one of her posts, she was outside the barn when she heard something similar to a foghorn. Yep, it was Kupa! And I got to hear that sound for myself the other day. Nothing quite like it, except, well, a foghorn. Here’s a YouTube video so you can hear it for yourself:

Oops, almost forgot, the follow-up picture to Wednesday’s photo. I’m pretty sure this is a goose, but I don’t have the name. See? I need to go back!