Cabbage White, South Beach Diet Update

The Cabbage Whites are the only butterflies I see dancing around the yard on a regular basis. Maybe it is a bit early yet. 

To update my South Beach Diet experience, I’m happy to tell you as of my doctor’s visit last week, I’d lost seven pounds. I had hoped the weight would come off more quickly, but I haven’t been exercising regularly for one reason or another. At least I’m not gaining, or stuck on that plateau any more! 

On Phase One–the first two weeks–I was never hungry. About the third or fourth day of Phase Two when I added some bread back into my meals, I had the worst food cravings! I’m glad the only thing in the house was healthy snacks, because I felt ravenous. I didn’t like that feeling, at all, so I’m still not eating much bread. I only miss it when I think of a grilled cheese sandwich. 

I’ve tried some flat breads and other varieties, but the texture/flavor didn’t appeal…until last week, I found Mediterranean Whole Wheat Pitabread. It doesn’t have the traditional pocket of a pita; it makes an excellent pizza crust. I like the flavor and the texture, and it can be wrapped around a sandwich filling. GO BUY SOME! 🙂

Iris; Diet Update

In all the years my mom had a bed of irises, I never once noticed how that gorgeous blossom came to be. 

Last year, my niece was thinning hers, and gave me some rhizomes. We planted them, and I would check on the foliage from time to time to see if everything appeared to be going well. 

One day, I noticed slight bulges in some of the leaves, and the next time a looked, those bulges had become bud-like structures. It reminded me of a butterfly in its cocoon, crumpled inside a pocket, waiting for the right moment to be set free. 

Thanks for sharing your bounty with me, Diane. 🙂

South Beach Diet update: Had an appointment with my doctor today for trigger point injections, and found out I’ve lost four pounds so far! 

Oops! I Led You Astray

I’m sorry to have misled you yesterday regarding being hungry. Maybe blog posts need to be written before midnight…

Breakfast: Egg whites, green onion, green bell pepper, red banana pepper, cheddar cheese and turkey bacon

I commented that I expected to be hungry, and most of you expected me to be hungry, too; it seems to be the nature of diets and one reason we tend to shun them. 

But I am not hungry! It is hard for me to ingest the 1200 calories my body needs for daily nutrition because what I’m eating makes me feel full. I encourage anyone who wants to lose some weight to give this diet a fair shot. Give up the sugar (the hardest for me, because I love sweet tea–and make mine a large)! Start easing away from bread, snacks with no nutritive value, and starchy foods like potatoes, corn, carrots, get tempting foods out of the house. I did that for about ten days before officially starting the South Beach Diet–I found other options to make tea I would want to drink, looked at restaurant nutrition charts to make wise choices there–so I wouldn’t feel “deprived” and cave in to unhealthy choices.

I’ve also learned that I’m not used to cooking for myself. I normally grab a banana or a Zone bar and call it breakfast. Now I know that a banana needs to be offset with protein to reduce the glycemic reaction, the effect that foods have on blood sugar and those dreaded hunger pangs. 

The scale brought a smile to my face this morning–rather than the usual groan-when it said I was two pounds lighter. 😀