Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

It’s Friday, the end to an emotion-filled week. Thursday we said our final goodbyes to a dear friend. Doctor’s appointments and birthday preparations filled the other days, and we look forward to some family time. I’ll try to catch up with randomness on Monday. Sorry for my absence from your comment sections, and thanks for visiting mine. Love you bunches! 


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Willy Nilly Friday 5 #59

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. Yesterday I shared a photo from Mirror Lake (at the botanical garden). Here’s another one from that area.

Mirror Lake

2. After Mirror Lake I walked to the Enchanted Garden, but felt some of the enchantment was missing. Then I saw this!

Rhododendron blossom

3. Here’s a fun project at the garden this year–frames mounted near scenic views, prompting participants to shoot and share their photos. Pictured is the Japanese Garden.

4. Two more unexpected blossoms, and I liked the tangle of branches here.

5. As I headed out of the garden, I saw a pair of sun dogs (parhelia–a bright spot in the sky appearing on either side of the sun, formed by refraction of sunlight through ice crystals high in the earth’s atmosphere).

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Willy Nilly Friday 5 #49

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. Peek-a-boo!

Downy Woodpecker, Juvenile
Juvenile Downy Woodpecker being fed by adult male

2. Thursday’s sky before the storm:

3. The High Mallow finally bloomed!


4. Our new neighbors are moving in.

5. Family time this weekend! 

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Willy Nilly Friday 5 #45

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. I checked out a new (to me) trail at First Landing State Park today. When I arrived at the boat-launch parking lot, I followed a narrow, meandering  path along the water to see what I could see. This is what I found:

I could have stayed on the road and ended up in this parking lot. Oh, well, where’s the fun in that!

2. Saw this amazing cloud on the way to my daughter’s last week. The sun was setting and I couldn’t look, so I pointed the cell phone out the window and snapped–that explains the wonky angle. At least, I hope it does. 

3. Is it odd that I have to look at my photos to see what I did this week? 

4. The Asiatic Lily waited until I got home to bloom. I was afraid I’d miss it.

5. We have a railroad excursion with a steam locomotive coming up this summer. 

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Good Fences #57, Thankful Thursday, Skywatch Friday

Good Fences #57
Thankful Thursday
Skywatch Friday

I’m thankful for this place I call home.

I love the feel of bare feet on warm sand,
Water tossed to and fro, changed by the weather at hand.
Sea breezes ask tendrils of hair to dance.
For all these things I offer praise, and thanks.

All photos SOOCP, iPhone 6 Plus
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