Six Word Friday–Rose

February afforded a few days alone,
to sweep away remains of winter
and invite the freshness of spring
to enter. Casting computer and phone
aside, I rose to the occasion.

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Six Word Friday–New

Adrienne’s word for this Six Word Friday is NEW. 

This new year, a new start
New vision, attitude, change of heart.

If any person is in Christ,
Messiah, he is a new creation.
Yes, all things are made new.
The old passes away, it’s gone.

Let it go. It serves no
purpose, it only holds you back.
Press onward, forgive and let go.
Advance in your newly-found strength.

You don’t hold unforgivingness, it holds
you. It binds you with shackles.
The other person is not affected, 
for only your soul is tormented
minute by minute, hour by hour
day by day, for all eternity.

God forgives us as we forgive.