Quilt Show Weekend–Part 2

Here’s another quilt for you!

by Mary Rauschuber
by Mary Rauschuber
Pansy detail
Pansy detail

This one is 97″ X 73″

Can you believe it’s the end of February already? There’s a little over a week until we “spring forward” for Daylight Savings Time. The days will appear to be longer with the extra hour of sunlight in the evening. Are you ready?
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Quilt Show Weekend–Part 1

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXIV was held this past weekend. The first time I attended this show, it was almost overwhelming.

There are vendor booths decorated with quilts and stuffed with fabrics, fibers, threads and notions, cutting tools, sewing and quilting machines–everything a quilter could ever need. Classes are taught throughout the festival days, sign-up ahead of time is required. And then there are quilts on display of every shape and size that travel with the show. I can’t imagine the work it takes to set up, tear down, pack it up and move to another city, several times a year. 

I’ll share some of my favorites here on the blog over the next few weeks. Here is the calendar of events for 2013, maybe there is a show near you! 

Today I’m featuring, “Euphoria,” created by Marilyn Badger.

Euphoria, 84"x84" by Marilyn Badger
Euphoria, 84″x84″ by Marilyn Badger
Center Detail
Center Detail

As you can see, there are an untold number of tiny fabric pieces sewn together, then quilted with all kinds of decorative stitch patterns. I can not imagine how long it took to create this beautiful quilt.

Marilyn was very kind to share this information with me regarding the creation of this quilt:

“It is an original design I made up as I went. Jacqueline De Jong’s “Circle of Life” quilt was the inspiration for the center. I used SewBatik gradated fabric for the center and outer borders, as well as a piece of hand-dyed cotton sateen. It is paper pieced with appliqued pieced flowers that are my design and original quilting designs that were stitched 3 times to make them show up better. 100wt silk thread was used for all the fine filler quilting. It is trimmed with over 2,000 hand-sewn beads and jewelry findings are sewn to the centers of all the stars. It took 9 months to make and has won Best of Show at AQS Des Moines, Best of Show at MQX East, 2 1st Place awards at APNQ and Road to California, Merit Machine Quilting Award at APNQ, Best Solitaire quilt at HMQS and now 2nd at Mid-Atlantic.”



Monday and More Pastel

I can’t seem to get Monday posts prepared on the weekend lately, so they will be arriving later in the morning. 

Saturday was the funeral of the husband of a very dear friend. It was a beautiful service. During the power-point presentation of family photos, they played the most beautiful song, one I had not heard. I thought it was Faith Hill’s voice, and Googled one of the lyrics when I got home. You may be familiar with, “There You’ll Be.” If not, you can listen to it via YouTube. It was the theme song from the movie “Pearl Harbor.” The hit single came out in 2001. 

Later in the day, Suzicate and I hit the local fabric stores. She got a new sewing machine recently, and mine got a tune-up this past week. We are ready to do some stitching!

Hubby was busy with the “indoor” plumbing and turned off the water supply. Certainly, I couldn’t stay home without running water! Well, I thought it was a good excuse, anyway. 

Sunday was church, a game of Mexican Train dominoes with hubby, and then there was this football game…The Super Bowl. That’s the final play-off game of American football, for anyone not familiar with it. No more games until August, so that should free up some time on the weekends.

And this is my latest pastel exercise. Deep autumn colors were worked with the side of the pastel in short strokes, followed by short strokes of lighter colors made with the edge of the pastel. The base is Steel Gray Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel paper.Pastels 003

The February Weekend that Wasn’t

A friend and I have an annual appointment the last Saturday of February, when the Mancuso Quilt Show comes to our area. This year, neither of us was in top physical form to attend the festivities. Bummer! 

Do you know what this means? I was unable to buy fabric and craft supplies to look at for the next year. I guess I’ll have to pull out the fabric from last year and look at it a bit longer. Or, I could actually DO something with it. Now there’s a novel idea! 

Here’s a post from 2011 that included a picture of my favorite quilt, in case you didn’t see it last year. This is one of the fabrics I bought, but haven’t had the heart to cut into. Here is another. 

Since I decided to “FOCUS” in 2012, maybe I’ll focus on these, and surprise you with something one of these days. And just maybe, we’ll BOTH be surprised! 🙂

I could post a picture of my bedroom ceiling that’s been getting a lot (too much) of my focus lately. But instead, I’ll share a couple of photos I got of the sun boring a hole in a pesky cloud that was trying to block the light. Have a great day, and may the sun shine on your pathway. 




Silent Orchid Studio

I love the look and feel of wool felt, so I was quite taken by Lindsay Mays handiwork. Her Siamese twins caught my eye.


I took a couple pictures at FantaSci 9, where I stumbled onto her booth.

You can see her complete collection of zombies, vampires–even Marie Antoinette–at her Etsy store.  I only got half of Pushmepullyou from Dr. Doolittle fame in the picture. Here’s a link to see the rest! Too cute!! She also has a nice bird collage print on her second page. 

Today on Facebook, a friend started a countdown of days until Christmas, so here’s an opportunity to get some early shopping done for those Sci-Fi fans in your life. 

Butterfly Fabric

Sorry, I’m late posting this morning. I started to clean off the cutting table, and found the fabrics I bought at the quilt show. Then I had to find the iron; and realized the camera had been left in the car…

So, without further delay, I present the first one.

A closer view:

Closer still:

I don’t suppose you’re scratching your head, wondering what made me buy this.

Hmmm. Mixed media comes to mind. I may have to cut out the butterflies, quilt them, and pose them around the backyard until the real thing gets here. Now there’s a thought! I can make flowers for them, too! 😉

I have another fabric to show you, but that will have to wait until next week. Have a great weekend!