Friday’s Hunt v4.10

Friday’s Hunt

This week, we are looking for Starts with J, Car, and Outside.

Starts with J: Japanese Beetles

This would have been a good choice for ‘I’ last week: Infestation!


My favorite car, ’92 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo. It was mine for 16 years and still holds a piece of my heart. This is not my photo, it was provided to me after restoration by new owner. 

I keep looking Outside to see if the hummingbird is still here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge–Let There Be Light!

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Let There Be Light!
We are instructed to share a photo that features a light source. Some of these were posted previously, but I like the gallery effect and included them.

To see what others are sharing, click Weekly Photo Challenge

Random 5 Friday

I can not believe it is time for Random 5 Friday again.  Where has the week gone? Here comes the randomness that is found in my brain. You have been warned.

1. We’ve been enjoying rain every day since Monday, and it is forecast to be with us a few more days. I use the term ‘enjoying’ loosely. It wasn’t as enjoyable when I had to get groceries yesterday. The gray days do lend the feeling of autumn, though temps are still 60s-70s.

2. That autumn feeling has rekindled my desire for hot tea. I just made a mug of Mint Medley herbal tea and it smells so good.  This morning I had Vanilla Caramel. Do you like to try new tea flavors?

3. Thursday is ‘lunch with hubby’ day. We went to Panera, which is a favorite. I had the Chicken Cobb with Avocado salad and Broccoli Cheddar soup. Yes, soup is sounding good again, too.

4. I didn’t finish this post last night, so it’s a new day. There is Stash (brand) Holiday Chai in my teacup now. This may be my favorite tea. I made some more pages in my mini scrapbook.backyard 2013 016

backyard 2013 015

5. I found an older photo of another Norfolk mermaid taken during OpSail last year. Good thing, because the rainy weather hasn’t been good for mermaid hunting.

Mermaids on Parade, Norfolk
Mermaids on Parade, Norfolk

That’s the end of my Random 5 Friday post. Have a great weekend!


OpSail 2012, Graduation this Week

Our oldest granddaughter graduates this week. In preparation for that, I’m going to be away from my computer, and you, all my online friends. 😦 

OpSail 2012 visited the port of Norfolk this year, the link will tell you all about it. Some of the photos in the slideshow were taken Thursday evening, as the ships gathered in the Chesapeake Bay for Friday morning’s Parade of Sail. We visited Sunday in Norfolk, and went aboard a ship from Ecuador. I don’t think I was cut out to be a sailor! But it was a fun experience. 

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See you next week!