Good Fences #138

Good Fences

Grasping for straws good fences this week, I experimented with some edits to share the ominous-looking crow (with a bit of fence in the background). This is the “dancing crow” from a previous post getting all up in my business again–demanding peanuts! Tough crowd! 


good fences



Good Fences and Wild Birds

Good Fences #137
Wild Bird Wednesday #223

This week, I have a good fence with attitude–namely, a Carolina Wren. It seeks and devours all those creepy crawling and flying things that bug us. I’m glad we have a resident pair to claim our backyard as their territory. 

Fall colors also creep into the landscape. I’m trying not to notice. At 83F today, I’m lingering in a summer state of mind. Fall is too fickle for me. I want to get up, pull on shorts and a tank top and know it’s going to be comfortable all day long. 


Carolina Wren

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good fences

Hope you will, too! 

Good Fences #130

Good Fences

Our writers conference started this evening, and the only good fence I have to share is the fencing that forms the butterfly house at the botanical garden. It’s tough work herding butterflies! I hope to visit your blogs this weekend, as we have a long day ahead of us, Friday. 


Buckeye backlit by sunlight

good fences