Five for Friday

Today, I have five surprises from the garden. Taking birdseed out this morning, I’m not sure if I was more surprised to find a house finch splashing in the birdbath, or if she was surprised to see me. She left rather abruptly.

The Spirea Japonica looked rather bedraggled and ready for the season to be over…or so I thought:  

The pink coneflower was not to be outdone.

 The purple coneflower said it could do better than that,

and holds the promise of two more flowers. Don’t you like surprises like that?












Five for Friday–or Six, or Ten…

I feel like I’ve been goofing off this week, what with all the  sand sculpture photos. So, today your patience is being tested rewarded. Wednesday was such a pretty day, I took my camera for a walk. Since I don’t have a dog. Besides, one can’t use a dog to take pictures, and they tend to scare the wildlife, anyway. I do a good enough job of that on my own. 

As you can see, the fungus is still thriving in our area. These are almost big enough to live in. If you’re quite small, that is. 

A cloudless blue expanse enveloped the earth.

The geese gathered at their usual hangout.

The squirrels appear to be hanging out, too, but they were busily collecting acorns until rudely interrupted and asked to pose for a photo op.

Leaves beginning to change, and other signs of autumn:

And there goes the heron I startled. Guess I need to work on my stalking technique.  Have a great weekend!



Five for Friday

It’s that time of week again! Here’s hoping I can come up with five…

1. Today I shopped for slacks. It didn’t take long. My local JC Penney usually carries a nice-fitting brand (for me) in Tall sizes. None to be found. I was in and out of there in less than twenty minutes. I hope they have them in the catalog, but it would be nice to try them on. Anyone else have this problem? Where do you find slacks? 

2. Hubby suggested I sew decorative trim on the bottom of the legs like we used to lengthen our bell-bottoms. I’m thinking ball fringe. Just kidding! I’ve never been fond of ball fringe.


3. Why do petites get there own section of the store? Are we tall gals outnumbered? Or do they have better lobbyists? 

4. Did you ever wonder where the clothes come from that fill so many racks in the clearance section? I have never seen those clothes before when shopping. 

5. Do you think we’ll ever see long sleeves again? 3/4 length seems to still be in fashion.  

Happy Weekend!

Five for Friday

1. Wednesday night, the last chrysalis I’d brought in darkened, so I placed it in the aquarium before going to bed. Thursday morning, there was a black swallowtail butterfly waiting for me. Hubby said it hadn’t emerged when he checked on it before leaving for work, so I left it in there a little while longer.

As before, I opened the window, and lifted it out of the aquarium on the twig it was clinging to. As I neared the window, it walked off the stick and onto my hand, and appeared in no hurry to leave. I decided to sit on the back porch with it perched on my hand until it was ready to fly. The day was hot and humid, and it seemed to like the warmth on its brand new wings. It may have only taken a minute or two, but it seemed longer as I studied the colors and patterns and reveled in the moment.

2.  I found a single caterpillar on the fennel today, but resisted the temptation to bring it indoors. My kitchen “nursery” is empty, and that leaves an empty feeling.

3.  Wednesday, my house was filled with grandchildren. Today, it was just Me, Myself and I, and we weren’t very good company! I was glad to (attempt to) catch up with my blogging friends who had been neglected for a couple of days. 

4.  This week has gone by so fast, I can’t believe it is already Friday. 

5.  I finally got a picture of the two juvenile Carolina wrens in the awning. I hope you have a great weekend! 

Five for Friday #6

1.  Compassion 
      a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

Thursday was the most emotional day I’ve had in awhile. A long while. I always thought compassion to be a warm-fuzzy-feel-good emotion, like LOVE.
I did an online search of “compassion” in the ESV Bible, and found it mentioned 57 times. I read a few in the New Testament; so many times Jesus “had compassion” on someone and reached out to help them. I now think His heart ached for them, very badly ached. 

2. Flaw
a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect; fault

I received an ad recently for a facial product, and the word “flaw” jumped out at me. “Conceal flaws…to restore youthful look.” Are they trying to tell me that my crow’s feet and smile lines are flaws? Defects? Without them my skin would be “perfect?” That just rubbed me the wrong way.                                                              

Okay, that’s enough heavy stuff for one post, let’s end this on a lighter note.

3. Give me a minute, I’m trying to think…

 My car has a “Low Tire Pressure” warning light. I’m beginning to think it is stuck! It came on not too long ago when the right front tire was low; put air in, leaked out…finally, hubby took it to the shop and had it resealed and remounted. The light came on again. That time, the left front had a screw in it. Plugged. Today, the light came on again, now it’s the right rear…I’ve never had so many tire problems…unless you consider the blow-out on a rental car on vacation…that was an adventure!

4. I’ve had lunch at Panera TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

5. Have I told you I have the MOST AMAZING grandchildren?

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Five for Friday #5

Image from Dover Publishing

Today’s musings revolve around how to spend my three-day weekend since I’ve once again shipped hubby to his parents. 

1. The to-do lists are in order, (relaxed order).  Shortly, I will finish my exercise quota for the week, and then I’m FREE! First stop will be the art supply store. It’s across the street from Skinny Dip, my favorite frozen yogurt place–sounds like LUNCH, to me. That will be followed by a quick stop at the grocery store for some fresh fruit and veggies. 

2. Both my hubby and my baby–but older than me–brother have birthdays Sunday. Their cards have yet to be made, so that might be this evening’s order of business. Yes, my brother’s is going to arrive late: Margie, please give him an extra hug for me. Thanks! 

3. Saturday I will bake the breakfast bars hubby takes to work with him. More card-making is on the agenda–several family birthdays next week. If I need a break from that, there are always bathrooms to clean. 😉

4. Sunday morning is church, possibly lunch with a friend–for whom I still need to make a birthday card–hers was the end of MAY! We’ve had a hard time getting together. Sorry, Darlene. 

5. Here and there I will pause to watch the butterflies flit, their larvae munch the host plants, birds splash in the birdbath; visit the blogs of my wonderful online friends (someone has to keep an eye on you); write; relax with a good book; and count my blessings.     


Five for Friday #3

It’s Friday, and you know what that means…yes, I’ve LOST a few days this week! If you find them, please send them back. I’m offering a reward. 

Today, I will share five travel-related facts about me.



1. We have visited lighthouses along the North Carolina coast and Outer Banks, but have not been to the Cape Henry lighthouse in Virginia Beach. According to, it is 18 minutes and fewer than 11 miles away. 

2. January 2010 was the first time I ever flew in an airplane.

3. In 35 years of marriage, hubby and I have never had a week’s vacation with just the two of us. (We hope to change that come October). 

4. I like riding a train. We’ve taken a couple of day-long excursions with steam engines, and rode Amtrak to Florida…and back.

5. My first car was a burgundy 1962 Chevy II convertible, given to me by my sister-in-law.

I hope you have fun this holiday weekend, if you travel, buckle up; don’t drink and drive; and please put the cell phone down while driving. You and a lot of other people will be glad you did.