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Friday’s Hunt v2.10

This week we are hunting things that Start with J, Week’s Favorite, and Surprise.

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Jet–Starts with J
Week’s Favorite–Clouded Sulphur butterfly
Surprised to see so much fungi on this trunk.

Friday’s Hunt v2.9

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re hunting for Starts with I, Week’s Favorite, and Pink.

“I” is for instar. This is the first-stage caterpillar from the egg of a Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

I see a huge gap between the first and second photos. Please scroll down to see #2-3. Thanks!



















Week’s Favorite: Black Swallowtail chrysalis

If you look closely, you can see the delicate web “girdle” attaching it to the stem. I witnessed a Northern Cardinal snacking on a large caterpillar, so I put a few in an aquarium in the kitchen to preserve some butterflies. 

Pink: Our Encore Azalea is blooming

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Friday’s Hunt v2.8

Friday’s Hunt v2.8

This week we are hunting for things that Start with H, Week’s Favorite, and Single.

Thursday didn’t seem as Hot as what has become the norm, so I took my iPhone 6 Plus to the backyard with me when I filled feeders and birdbaths. I checked the fennel, and found several Hungry Black Swallowtail caterpillars. This is the first time I’ve seen them this year. 

My Week’s Favorite shows the Black-eyed Susans moved in with the fennel. They were probably like the rest of us, looking for a wee bit of shade. 

Most of the Purple Coneflowers resemble burnt toast, but I found this single blossom. 

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Friday’s Hunt v2.3

Friday’s Hunt

This week we are looking for things that start with C, week’s favorite, and unique perspective.

The juvenile Osprey awaiting dinner at sunset is my unique perspective.

Osprey juvenile

Here’s my recently-created Cozy Corner, with a chair that rocks and swivels. I have more items to add to the shelves. 

My favorite this week is another visit from the Monarch Butterfly. I’m glad it came to the bird-feeder pole so I could get a better shot than last week. I don’t know what it hoped to find there, so I assume it stopped by for the photo op. 

Monarch butterfly

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Friday’s Hunt v2.2

Friday’s Hunt 

This week we’re hunting for things that Start with B, Week’s Favorite, and Patriotic.

BOY–Seven grandkids, only one boy. He’s pretty amazing though.
Week’s Favorite starts with B, also: Monarch BUTTERFLY–I should save this for the letter “G” and use it for glare on the window. Sorry!
Patriotic: Red, White, and Blue (You may have seen this in yesterday’s post.)

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Wild Bird Wednesday #190 Mallard Ducks and Bald Eagle juvenile

Wild Bird Wednesday

Bald Eagle
Mourning Cloak butterfly

I checked out a new park and after a muddy wetland walk (I use the word “walk” rather loosely here) I found this pair of Mallards basking in the late afternoon sun–just across the parking lot from my car. 

Mallards, Stumpy Lake

The park has promise (some hot summer day after a long dry spell). I caught a glimpse of a Pileated Woodpecker, and later heard it laughing at how it outsmarted me. A bright Bluebird also caught my eye, but I could never get it in focus. 

This isn’t a good shot of the Bald Eagle juvenile, but I was just happy to see  it on my way home, sitting atop an electrical tower.

Bald Eagle juvenile, Honey Bee GC

It seemed early in the season for a butterfly

Mourning Cloak butterfly

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday, where Stewart shares a beautiful White Tern–and a wee Tern chick, too! Come see! And link up your bird photos while you’re there, all are welcome to participate.


Willy-nilly Friday 5 #57

Willy-nilly Friday 5 #57

1. I tried to get a picture of this Cardinal on the birdbath. Looks like the water disappeared–and I think the Cardinal copped an attitude with me.

2. Getting no respect, I went for a hike. 

Same story here! What is this bird world coming to!

3. Forget the birds! I turned my attention to the scenery.

There. That’s better.

4. I did catch someone’s attention.

5. Then I spied what appears to be a tattered Pearly Eye (E. portlandia) Satyr. While many butterflies prefer bright sun, these make their home in the dappled shadows of the forest. 

That’s it for this week’s randomness. Enjoy your weekend! 

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