Look What I Have!

Look What I Have!

Happy dance! I hadn’t seen a bunny in our yard in FOREVER! 


Cuteness Overload!

I finally have help with the weeding.


Munch munch munch

I know, Little Bun, weeding makes me tired, too. You are welcome to rest there as long as you like. 


Saturday and Catching up!

Saturday, and Catching up for the Week. 

Apparently too soon, I thought life was back to normal. Hubby took off a couple of days this week. His original plans changed from a WV trip to working around the house and yard. Today, I’m combining Good Fences, Willy Nilly Friday 5, Random 5 Friday, Friday’s Huntand Today’s FlowersI look forward to visiting you very soon! 

I apologize for the wonky format. I thought switching to the WordPress new editor would help straighten it out, but it didn’t. It’s taken all afternoon to get this written, not inclined to start over. 

Friday’s Hunt v1.20 features Starts with T, Week’s Favorite, and Evening.


T is for the Tiny bunny we saw on our walk.


My Week’s Favorite features a Good Fence.


Evening on the water.                                                                                                                                                                                                Randomness:                                                                                                                                                                                               1. Thursday, hubby joined me in a six-mile hike at First Landing State Park. It was 70 degrees with a light breeze – perfect hiking weather.                                                                                                                                                                                                      2. Friday we worked on defining the flower bed with edging until it rained, then we came inside where he worked on the downstairs bathroom. I’m delighted to see the border on the wall!                                                                                                              


                                    3. Our wildflower garden is springing to life.


Today’s Flowers




Catmint in the front, Bearded Iris in the back, overshadowed by the Loropetalum.                                                                                 4. My Fitbit Charge’s band separated and I’m replacing it with a Fitbit Blaze – and it came today! Now I need to get busy and put some steps on it. I’ve been without it for 3.5 days, so what should have looked like a really good week won’t show up on my weekly report. <insert whining>                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5. My assistance is needed in the backyard. Have a great weekend! 

Willy-Nilly Friday 5

Willy-Nilly Friday 5
inspired by Norfolk Botanical Garden

1. The Fitbit fitness tracker keeps me motivated. I love getting out and walking–nice, long walks. It’s addictive! And such a beautiful time of year with all the flowers and gardens coming to life. Everything is so green!

Fringe Tree

Fringe Tree

2. I watched an odd-looking butterfly wend and wobble through the air across the path from flower bed to tree branch. Once it alit, I realized it was not one, but two, Monarchs. No privacy from the paparazzi. 

Monarch butterflies

Monarch butterflies

3. There were azaleas:

Florida azalea

Florida azalea

DSCN2165 (2)

Unknown variety

DSCN2179 (4)

Unknown variety


4. Last fall, as I wandered through the various gardens, I tried to envision how it would look when all the rhododendron bloomed. The small screen of my mind couldn’t come close to the real-life experience. And the fragrance! Not over-powering, but a mild sweetness that I want to memorize until they bloom again next year.

Mounding higher than my head...

Mounding higher than my head…

...ethereal beauty

…ethereal beauties…

...to vibrant, lining the path.

…to vibrant, lining both sides of the path.

5. And my favorite find…

...a bunny!

…a bunny!

Thanks for coming along with me!



Wordy Wednesday

I’m so excited–family coming this weekend! So much to do to get ready, like clean house. So what did I do today? Laundry. Watered the garden. Pulled weeds. A ton of weeds. I did start straightening up inside a bit.

Here are some flora and fauna photos from last week’s visit to the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Scrolling over photos will show captions, clicking a photo will start a slide show.

I’m going to take off the rest of the week from blogging. I hope you have a great weekend and that I’ll see you back here on Monday. I’ll try to visit your blogs in the meantime, if the opportunity arises.

Hugs, Patti




Around the Backyard

We’ve been seeing a lot of this lately:

And they always come hungry!

And they always come hungry!

Here you can see the red flashes of the Red-winged Blackbirds:

There are a lot of Brown-headed Cowbirds in this flock.

There are a lot of Brown-headed Cowbirds in this flock.

European Starlings join in the fray:

backyard2014 020

Hopefully, they’ll remember where we are when the mosquitoes return.

Starlings have a way of cleaning out the feeder to make sure everyone gets something to eat:

And the squirrel is happy to clean up after them.

And the squirrel is happy to clean up after them.

The bunny still visits daily, usually early in the morning (hubby says so), or late evening–sometimes middle of the night.

Thanks for stopping by! Would you like a cup of White Chocolate Peppermint tea? That’s my new favorite. Hubby tried it, now I have to SHARE!
Yikes! It’s almost the weekend!




Monday’s Musings, Birds and Bunny

I’ve been away since late last week. I regained my hour of lost sleep from last spring’s change to Daylight Savings Time. I looked at my kitchen calendar this evening and realized I’d fallen back a whole month–it still showed October. Who wouldn’t like to have an extra month this time of year?

Thought I’d share some photos today. Hovering over a photo will bring up the caption, clicking on a photo will start a slide show.

Have a great week!