Norfolk Botanical Garden–Part 3

As promised, today I’ll share our tour on Lake Whitehurst, adjacent to the Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG). The first link (in blue) shows a picture of the boat, as well as the tram we rode throughout the garden.

The narrator on the boat drew our attention to the waterfowl and other points of interest, gave a brief history of the NBG and did a show-and-tell with items from his bag. The crew did their best to allow photo opportunities of what we saw. 

We witnessed the male eagle and an osprey in a mid-air scuffle over property rights. The eagle sent the osprey packing! Unfortunately, I only got a shot of the eagle, and not a good one, at that. 


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NX, the last NBG Bald Eagle Released

For those who are new to my blog, three eaglets were removed from their nest at a local botanical garden after the mother was killed by a jet strike in April. This is an update.

On July 27th, the three eaglets from Norfolk Botanical Garden were taken to Berkeley Plantation, near Williamsburg, VA, to be released. One of them didn’t take to the sky and soar to freedom, so the “late-bloomer” was returned to the Wildlife Center of Virginia to mature for another month. 

(There is now a sub-category “Eagles” under Birds where previous posts regarding the eagles can be found).

Today, August 30th, a second attempt at release was successful. 

If you are interested in more of the details about her stay at the wildlife center, or today’s release go here, and here.

The local paper ran this touching story Sunday, regarding how life at the Wildlife Center of Virginia has changed since the arrival of three eaglets with 150,000 adoring fans. Grab a box of tissues before reading. 

Update: Eaglet Release

The eaglets removed from their nest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden following the mother’s death are scheduled to be released into the wild Wednesday, July 27, 2011.  The public is invited to attend. Here is a link with the details. If you are unable to attend, you can watch live streaming video at this link, provided by,  starting at 11:00 a.m. Daylight Savings Time on the east coast (USA).

New Birds on the Block

I had the opportunity to see the next generation of some feathered friends this week. 

The blue jay doesn’t have a crest, nor the black feathers on the breast yet.

There were four or five young cowbirds, and I had to wonder which bird(s) had the opportunity to sit on those eggs. Cowbirds don’t build nests, they will lay their eggs in another’s that is already built, even pushing the original eggs out.

Hubby found this Carolina wren roosting in the awning over the back door tonight. He called for me to come look at something. When I saw the wren, I scolded him for not adding, “and bring your camera.” Gladly, it was there when I returned. 

Thanks for coming to see them!

OH! I got notice this evening that the eaglets from the botanical garden are going to be released into the wild later this month, the 27th, I think. I’ll post the Monday before with details, as a local news channel will be streaming live video. It will take place at one of the historic plantations near Williamsburg, across the James River from a wildlife refuge. One of the eaglets will be fitted with a GPS device so they can track her movements for the first two years.  

I also saw where live fish were being delivered today, to be placed in containers in the eaglets enclosure so they can learn how to procure their own food. 

Norfolk Eaglet Update

After reading this post today by Jeanne, it reminded me that I hadn’t checked on the eaglets that were taken from their nest in the  botanical garden after the mother was killed by an airplane strike. Here is a link to my original post. Below is the link to the webcam at the rehabilitation center. I had to keep checking back to see activity, apparently they are roosting above the cam area. They expect to release them into the wild in August.