Good Fences #69, Thankful Thursday, and Petition to save Virginia Beach Bald Eagle nest

Good Fences #69
Thankful Thursday
Link to petition to save Bald Eagle nest in Virginia Beach

View from NATO Tower at Norfolk Botanical Garden, Crape Myrtles in bloom. iPhone 6 Plus

I’m thankful for my friend, Merle, who makes possible my frequent visits to the Norfolk Botanical Garden. I see the beauty of God’s creation not only in the gardens, but in Merle, also. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you, Merle. 

Many of you know of our local Bald Eagle family that I’ve featured here on the blog. Their nest is holding up a construction project, and there is a real threat of the nest being destroyed. Please help save our eagle family by signing this petition. Thank you.



Wild Bird Wednesday #152 Bald Eaglets

Wild Bird Wednesday

Yesterday, I teased you with the far-away photo of the Bald Eagles. Today you can see them better. 

Hubby and I are fascinated with the Bald Eaglets, and being able to observe them. They’re 14 weeks old now, trying out their wings. Well, one of them is overachieving in that department. It is probably the oldest of the three. Two days ago, one eaglet was in the far left tree all alone. When we saw it today, it didn’t appear to have moved at all! Others have seen them testing their wings, crash landing, etc., but they tend to get back to the nest area so they’re ready when the next meal arrives.

Adult Bald Eagle delivers lunch.
That evening, the one that remained at the nest in the morning decided to join its sibling on the branch. You can see it is considerably smaller, probably the last to hatch.
Around mid-day, Tuesday, I only saw two eaglets, and this one was getting serious.
Look at that vertical jump!
Back to the branch.

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Share Your World–2015 Week 25

Share Your World

I like Cee’s new format for Share Your World. What are your thoughts? You can create a post and link to Cee’s blog, or leave your responses in the comments below. 

What did you or did not like about the first apartment you ever rented?
We didn’t like the furnace not staying lit in winter. It was 42F degrees inside the apartment one morning. 

What kind of art is your favorite? Why?
I like to see various types of art; my favorite to create is mixed media.

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order?
I have three OLDER brothers, and I’m #4.

Complete this sentence:  I’m dreaming of a white …. (and no you can’t use Christmas as your answer)
…article of clothing that remains white all its days.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful to observe a Bald Eagle nest and three eaglets that will be ready to leave before long, and I look forward to seeing the grandkids soon! 

One of the eaglets can be seen in the tree on the far left. One is still on the nest; the third is on the limb closest to the nest; an adult is perched farther out on the limb. I observed the adult as it moved away from the nest little by little, and the eaglet tentatively followed. 

Teaser–close-up shots to come later in the week.


Good Fences #34

Good Fences #34

There were a lot of fences and gates at the recent Obstacle Course Race (OCR) venue, Belvedere Plantation.  I was first introduced to it a number of years ago as “The Pumpkin Patch.” It’s where the grandchildren went each fall to pick a pumpkin. It’s a wonderful place to visit and has something for everyone.

Our nine-year-old granddaughter zooms by.

A Bald Eagle flew overhead as we were approaching the venue from the parking lot. Of course, I didn’t have the camera ready to go.

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Wild Bird Wednesday #104

In May, a female Bald Eaglet was found on the ground in our city. She was unable to fly, and her parents/nest couldn’t be found. The Wildlife Center of Virginia rescued the bird and took it to their facility in the western part of the state where she could develop and learn how to be an eagle from others in rehabilitation there. 

This morning, she was returned to Virginia Beach to be released. This was announced on the Wildlife Center’s Facebook page, and the public was invited to attend. Photographers from local news media came, as did a good number of eagle fans.

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Wild Bird Wednesday 47–Bald Eagle

Sunday, we had the opportunity to meet Buddy, a five-year-old Bald Eagle born at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. He contracted Avian Pox from a mosquito bite, which left him unable to survive in the wild. 

I’m linking to Wild Bird Wednesday, where you can see lots of birds from around the world. Stop by and have a look around, or bring your photos and share them. 

Buddy, Ambassador-in-training
Buddy, Ambassador-in-training

Buddy and his trainer will make appearances throughout the state to represent The Wildlife Center of Virginia, where he resides. Clicking the link will take you to their web page so you can see the work they do. One of the most popular features is the webcam, always something interesting to see there!

This photo shows how a lesion from the Avian Pox affected the growth plate on his beak.
This photo shows how a lesion from the Avian Pox affected the growth plate on his beak, preventing him from feeding independently.