Weekly Photo Challenge–Reflection/Barn

I’m digging in the archives this week for a photo showing reflection for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Some of you may remember this from the days of the Barn Charm meme. If you’re a barn aficionado, you can find more pictures of them under Barn Charm in the ‘categories’ widget in the side bar.

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Barn Charm 140

Found this barn in North Carolina over the weekend.

Found this barn in North Carolina over the weekend. It was a bit more red than the photo looks. I struggled with camera settings in the bright sunlight, and hubby was patiently waiting.

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Barn Charm 9/10/12

This is the second barn I saw after leaving my daughter’s house. Not as nice as last week’s, but it still has a lot of charm. 

Has anyone started a blog to “put some power lines in front of it?” I’d be set for life on photos! 

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Barn Charm 9/3/2012

I spent a couple days with my daughter last week. She told me where to find a nice barn for this week’s Barn Charm. It required several U-turns, finding a place to park, and crossing several lanes of traffic on foot; but it was so worth it, don’t you think? I’m glad she mentioned the “reflecting pool,” once seen, there was no going home without a photo! Thanks, Suzanne!