Andy’s Last Adventures in Virginia Beach

Andy has been very busy these past few weeks. Since my last post about his visit,  we went to Panera Bread for lunch where we made a new friend named Susan. You may know her from her blog, “Coming East.” I highly recommend her post, Stairstruck, which celebrates her lovely mountain vacation on a broken foot. (Please don’t tell her I told you about that.) She is a has character!

After that, we were on the road for the better part of a week for our granddaughter’s graduation. He loved the hotel stays, coffee in the room,

and a plush bed for sleeping.

He could barely contain himself when he learned we were going to visit the Sylvan Heights waterfowl park on the way home. 

He enjoyed the backyard with the birds and squirrels, helping my hubby create a new feeding station for them,

and playing hide and seek. He never did tell me how he got into the hanging basket!


A very dear family friend returned from vacation with a gift for us–salt water taffy! Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Andy arrived here from visiting Judith and Lotte in New Zealand with a stash of jelly beans to tide him over, so we knew he had a sweet tooth. I packed some taffy in his bag so he’ll have something to munch on his way to visit Beth Ann in Iowa. Be sure to subscribe to her blog if you want to keep up with Andy’s travels. I hear they’ll be going to China soon! It’s a good thing he kept company with our granddaughter. She probably taught him some Mandarin. That’s been her foreign language of choice, and she’s going to China in August. 

On Andy’s last day, we made one more trip to the beach. We didn’t stay long, a storm was rolling in; I’ll share those pictures with you tomorrow. 

If you would like to host Andy and show him some of your favorite places, contact his mom, Lenore Diane, to schedule a visit! Trust me,  you’ll hardly know he is around. He is the perfect house guest!

Weekly Photo Challenge–Friendship

If you’ve been following the “Adventures of Andy,” you’ll be happy to know he’s made some new friends: Wylie; and Susan, who you may know as Suzicate, or “The Water Witch’s Daughter.” She also posts her poems here. If you don’t know her, you might want to stop by one (or both) of her blogs and say, “Hi!” Wylie doesn’t have her own blog…yet. Oh, Andy loves Skinny Dippin,’ too! 

Adventures of Andy–Virginia Beach Part 1

Andy is the perfect house guest! He makes his bed every morning, and has been very helpful around the house. Sending thanks to Lenore Diane, who is loaning him out to travel the world.

He insists his legs are too short to facilitate washing windows. 

Since he’s been working so hard, and enjoys watching birds fly in and out of the yard, we decided to take him to the air show this weekend to see some serious flying. That will be shown in Part 2. 

Adventures With Andy–Va. Beach; or Handy With the Ladies

Linking to Andy’s Mom, and his other adventures.

Andy joined us on our trip north and got to meet the family. He hung out and watched the NBA playoffs. I’m pretty sure he’s a Boston Celtics fan…

Andy, we’re going to need to see your ID

Once he came out of his shell, it turned out Andy is a regular chick magnet.

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Andy’s Adventures in Bird Watching

I’ve learned that armadillo’s eyes are very sensitive to light. Andy should love it here, we have seen mostly rainy days since his arrival. For more of Andy’s journeys and to meet his “mom,” please visit:
and click on “Adventures of Andy.” 

He’s a curious critter, wanted to know what was all the fuss about birds. I prepared a vantage point for him, and now he’s a regular bird watcher, too.

Watching for birds

The brown thrasher came by for a visit. 

Andy thinks he and the brown thrasher would make a good insect-and-worm-hunting team.













Then he asked where all the noise was coming from. I directed his attention to the roof peak–the northern mockingbird was sharing his song repertoire.






Andy rode along on a trip to the library. I inadvertently mentioned “bookworms.” He was disappointed to find the library a place filled with books, rather than worms. I think he was getting hungry!  

Andy’s Adventures Continue–in Southeast Virginia

I heard a light tap-tap-tapping at my door this morning. Wondering who would be stopping by so early, I fluffed my bedhead and tentatively opened the door to find a weary traveler. Andy the armadillo had arrived from his globe-trotting trip to New Zealand! Judith thoughtfully packed his favorite jelly beans to sustain him for the long journey.

It’s a stormy day here in Virginia Beach, the kind of day best spent snuggled under the covers. Since Andy has a good case of jet lag, I tucked him into bed to sleep it off, and tomorrow our adventures will begin. Oh, the places we’ll go! I’m hoping he can meet some of the famous bloggers that hail from our area. Please let me know if you’d like to make a date!

His family lives in Georgia; so far, he has visited Florida, Texas and New Zealand. Here’s a link to Andy’s travel journal: