Wow, it’s hard to imagine a month has passed since my last blog post. WordPress recently announced my 7-year blog anniversary. What a way to celebrate that milestone–it’s like I put a sign in the window ‘Closed for Hibernation.’ Except I forgot to post the sign and went right to sleep. 

To be honest, recent software updates require me to sign in and get an authenticator code every time I leave a comment. Sometimes, the comment I had written disappears. It’s been a bit frustrating, so I’m trying to overcome that and still maintain security of online accounts. If you haven’t heard from me lately and have a Facebook account, please look me up and send a friend request:
Patti Suzi’sMom Jarrett
I’m hoping
 to read and comment on your blog there. 

We missed three of the grandkids’ birthdays in January. Blizzard conditions and ten inches of snow kept us from traveling north the first week; hubby’s job and then his cold kept us home later on.

He was such a sweetie to make a path to the feeders.

One of the squirrels dug down to find buried seeds next to the birdbath.

The Song Sparrow was happy about that!

I managed to get to necessary appointments, but it’s been eight weeks since I’ve seen my hair stylist. The longer look is growing on me… 

My daughter, Suzanne, joined an online art journal group. We’ve been working on projects ‘together’ via text messages. This is the mini binder cover I decorated to hold my photography lesson cards. 

Saturday, I made rosettes from scrapbook paper.

I’m looking forward to bunny-sitting this week. I can’t wait to introduce you to Midnight!  

That’s a brief summary of 2018, thus far. I look forward to hearing from you as I’ve missed our regular online visits. 





27 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. Hibernation is understandable with the weather that has been hitting your area. Ugh. Love this rosettes! Are they difficult to make? They are simply adorable. and the mini binder is lovely as well.


  2. You really outdid yourself with my Birthday card. Its beautiful, the best one yet! Thank you. I’m hibernating myself today. This cold, snowy, weather is about to get to me. Gary can’t go out in it so I’m the one shoveling and doing all the outside chores. I didn’t realize my arthritis was so bad when my hand was numb from carpel tunnel. Lol. This getting old is for the birds – we’re just a couple of “Old Crows”. Actually we have a pair of Ravens around here now.

    Love you, Big Hugs, Margie,

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hibernation is appropriate for this time of year, I believe – especially where there is cold and snow. We’ve had an unusually warm and dry winter, but still, I hibernate. As to WordPress and leaving comments, it’s doing that to me on some blogs, but not all. I truly don’t understand that! On those blogs, I cannot leave a “like” unless I sign in, but it gives no option to sign in unless I comment. Words come out of my mouth.


  4. Yes I too missed your blogs but I agree, hibernation for the winter is best way to go. I’ve been cleaning and sewing a bit myself as temps have once again dropped. 60’s one day and 30’s the next, it’s roller coaster time. Stay warm.


  5. Sorry you’re having issues with leaving blog comments. Sometimes technology can be so frustrating! We didn’t get as much snow as you did in your area. It was enough for us, though…hopefully that’s it for this winter: on to Spring!


  6. Nice to see a post from you. : ) It has been snowing every other day here for a while now!! I like the snow but about now I’m ready for it to stay away.


  7. i thought you were just taking time off, i am staying off of fb as much as possible, twice a day i check my family for updates. to much screen time in my life. you must had done the two step authintation, but i thought that was just to get in your device, after that why would it be on comments. very odd. missed you. love those rosette’s…


    1. Thank you! We don’t see this much snow often; the last time was about 30 years ago. We’re having warm days interspersed with cold days, hopefully more warm ones in the way—but it is only February. March has been known to be wintry, too.

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  8. I just got a similar notice about my blogiversary; I think they said 8 years!! Need to make a decision there.
    Inquiring minds want to know, what art journaling class are you 2 taking? (Feel free to reply on FB.)

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  9. Happy 7th blogging anniversary, Patti!

    I understand how attractive Facebook is as a one-stop posting site- though I haven’t got the Facebook bug myself. I used to post on WordPress every 3 or 4 days when I started out, now I’m down to once a month. Hoping you’ll hang in there and post occasionally!

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