Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

We saw lots of wildlife activity during the recent snow storm. Here’s one of my favorites, the Yellow-rumped Warbler, patiently (as patient as a warbler can be) waiting for the Carolina Wren to leave the suet feeder.


22 thoughts on “Yellow-rumped Warbler

    1. We’ve had some very cold days. Should be warmer this week, though more like a roller coaster! I’m glad to get a short reprieve from the cold, but I wish it lasted a little longer.


  1. I wish I could pack some sunshine in a box and mail it to you. You have my sympathy. I remember seasons of extreme cold, snow, ice, and even a blizzard during my years living in northern Ohio and southeastern Michigan. I hope your freezing weather will let up soon.

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    1. Hi, Julie! I’ve been quite remiss in blogging, not sure where the last month went. I must be getting things done around the house, though clean closets are not readily visible when one expects to see progress. Will be by to visit your blog soon. I caught a glimpse of your page in the reader, with everything green and thriving–what a pleasant sight to behold.

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