Got the Blues?

Blue Jay
The Daily Post: Cozy

Thought I’d do a wordless Wednesday post, but then, I realized it’s Thursday already. I knew I would fall victim to the don’t-know-what-day-it-is diagnosis. All I know is: IT IS COLD!

I don’t think we got out of the 20s today. I passed on “Lunch with Hubby,” opting to stay inside where it is COZY & WARM. We had a small-craft advisory, too, so my ‘small craft’ stayed in the driveway.

We had a nice Christmas with family: Celebrated Kai-Le’s 12th birthday, and Taylor shared her Guatemala photos. She’s making plans to return there in April, for SIX MONTHS! 

In case I don’t get back in time,  Happy New Year! 



36 thoughts on “Got the Blues?

  1. Gorgeous photo. You’re such a wonderful photographer.
    I don’t blame you for staying in, I’d say that’s a right smart choice in these bitter cold days.
    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas. I wish you and your family a very Safe and Happy New Year.


          1. Thanks Patti
            You’re an amazing photographer. It takes real talent to know where to zoom and when to click to capture the critters in perfect motion in they’re habitat. 🙂


    1. It just keeps getting colder and colder! No “First Day Hike” for me! LOL Our state parks sponsor a program to get everyone out to the park for the new year. 23 degrees with wind chill of 9–not my idea of the perfect hiking day! I “hiked” to the backyard to fill the feeders, that was enough for me. Happy, prosperous-in-all-ways New Year!


  2. your jay photo has me with a big smile, he may BE blue but he certainly looks to happy to FEEL blue… i would chose the warm and cozy indoor choice also plus my craft doesn’t do rain, so would no do cold


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