Friday’s Hunt v4.10

Friday’s Hunt

This week, we are looking for Starts with J, Car, and Outside.

Starts with J: Japanese Beetles

This would have been a good choice for ‘I’ last week: Infestation!


My favorite car, ’92 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo. It was mine for 16 years and still holds a piece of my heart. This is not my photo, it was provided to me after restoration by new owner. 

I keep looking Outside to see if the hummingbird is still here.

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18 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v4.10

  1. my favorite car before Bob was a 68 Camaro, after I married Bob, 78 Grand Prix, loved it to death.. I like older cars, they have more personality than the new ones. I know you were happy to get the photo of yours. that beetle shot is amazing


  2. Those Japanese beetles show up every year at our place – they just about decimated our raspberry bushes before we realized it. Hungry little critters. Your car photo reminded me of my dad – he bought one of the first Oldsmobile Tornado models in our area in 1966 and another one in 1968. I learned to drive in that one and oh, I loved that car!


  3. The beetles are very attractie in style if not behavior…the Toronado is beautiful, the end of that model meant Olds didn’t have distinctive models and was the beginning of the end of the brand. I liked the 3800 V6 too. The hummingbird poses nicely!


  4. Nice car. I wasn’t familiar with the ’92 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo though it looks similar in body to the Buick Regal. Glad you could keep it so long. I’ve had my Ford Mustang since 2000, it was my retirement present to me, a GT Convertible. I am sure that you want to watch the hummingbird whenever it comes. Pretty bird and their flights are sooo neat.


    1. I didn’t know they liked crepe myrtles. I had never seen them congregating on one flower like this. They did make a pretty picture, but the poor rose bush suffered a great deal. There were only a couple blossoms left. The Toro was a fun car to drive. Good afternoon, Pix!


  5. The image of the beetles is crazy! What a lot of bugs. Looks like a nice, sensible car. Nice to see the hummers are still hanging around. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

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  6. I hated those beetles when I lived in Iowa. By some stroke of luck, I never see them up here in New Brunswick, although they will probably show up one of these days with climate change bringing in so many new insect pests. The hummingbirds have now left us for the year, but I look forward to their return next May, which seems a long way off!


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