Wild Bird Wednesday 265 –Cooper’s Hawk

Wild Bird Wednesday 265

Discriminating diners flock to the Backyard Bird Buffet. This Cooper’s Hawk seems to be a frequent visitor as of late–with an affinity for the other patrons. It sure knows how to clear a room. 

Where’d everybirdy go?

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24 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 265 –Cooper’s Hawk

  1. Great photo, Patti! I know everyBODY has to eat but it doesn’t keep me from running out there like a crazy woman and chasing hawks off when they hang out at our feeders. No easy birdie buffet at our place!
    Good Morning!


    1. I wouldn’t like to see them hanging out at the feeder, either. I have been known to “need” to do something in the backyard if I’ve seen one around, or the jays and crows are causing a great stir. Good afternoon, Pix!


  2. He sure does! We have one who sits in a tree on property adjacent to ours. He’s constantly scouring the surroundings for yummy meals. Mostly I see him swooping down for the field mice and moles. So far he has stayed away from our bird feeder.

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