Friday’s Hunt v4.7

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re searching for Starts with G, Candy, and Latch

Starts with G: Great Egret

Found this one at Lake Lawson Lake Smith Park

Armed with only a cell phone camera today, I saw this Great Egret (below) at its usual dinner post near Hobby Lobby. (Shot through dirty windshield).

Food photography is not my forte. 


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Picked up my laptop Wednesday, hope to get back to “normal” blogging soon. 

20 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v4.7

  1. love that fence and the candy is my favorite, that is an awesome shot of it, feels like I could pick one up… we have egrets at just about all the stores where I shop, they have retention ponds and the birds love them

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    1. Thanks, Sandra. M&Ms (peanut) are my favorite. How cool to have egrets nearby. We stopped somewhere in NC or SC on vacation some time ago and I was surprised to find a pair of swans in a tiny pond. I like surprises like that.


  2. Those blue herons are the best. I liked having them around at our other place North of Houston close to the lake where we watched them ‘fish’. Your latch picture is the best with a real latch, it has to have a lever. Most, even Teresa’s is a ‘hook’. No lever action.
    BTW, Word Press is giving me a hard time again, I couldn’t come last week, it wanted me to sign in. I don’t sign in. This time I used August 12 on the Mr. Linky and then moved up here. Last week’s was great also but I couldn’t see it them.
    And you did really good with the iPhone. I can’t post blogs with my Android Galaxy, iPad yes but cumbersome,


    1. Blogging is a bit more cumbersome on phones and tablets, I much prefer the laptop. I never know if I’m going to be able to leave comments sometimes with the required log-ins. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it takes so long to go back and forth–and then find the comment disappeared…Thank you!


  3. Great shot of the egret. I love m&ms. Peanut ones. 😉 Lovely quaint gate for the latch shot. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. I apologize for being so late in visiting.


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