Friday’s Hunt v4.5

Friday’s Hunt

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This week we’re looking for Starts with E, Drop(s), and Happy. 

Ears–Starts with E

The bunny makes another appearance this week. Sorry, I can’t get enough of this cute face. 

Raindrops keep falling on my head 🎶

Northern Cardinal with no head feathers.


One of my happy places at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v4.5

  1. This seems to be a very pretty place. We enjoy visits to botanical gardens. Houston (Texas) has a Piney Woods Botanical Garden. It’s very large but terribbly flat with no hills near. Bunny rabbits are cute little animals but here they eat my plants and flowers.


  2. I can’t decide if the cardinal is enjoying his shower or looking disgusted. that rabbit is so cute. on the way home from WM this morning, I saw a baby squirrel, about 5 inches long sitting in the middle of the road. I stopped to wait and got a big smile on my face just seeing him scamper off… fuzzy animals make me happy


  3. Such a cute bunny face. What a wonderful critter it is.
    That poor little molting birdie. It looks like it’s enjoying the refreshing rain on it head.
    I like that happy place. It’s quite enchanting.


  4. Such a sweet bunny – I’d be taking pictures of it, too! Poor little cardinal – I hope her feathers grow back soon. Your happy picture makes me happy too – I’m always happiest in a natural setting!


  5. I love the bunny! I don’t see many around here between my dog, cats, and the coyotes. The rain looks so nice and refreshing. I can see why that is one of your happy places–beautiful. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great rest of the week!

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