12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I wonder how this squirrel lost part of its tail. We once had a cat that liked to crawl up under the car. We tried to discourage her. One day we found her kittens playing with a section of her tail. My husband said she must have been under the car when he started the engine so that her tail met with the fan blade. After that, she quit crawling up under the car, and we thought she was very generous to allow her kittens to make a toy out of her tail. She seemed not to object, but we found it a little grotesque and discarded it.

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    1. Oh my, playing with her tail! I had a cat that got hit by the fan blade, lacerated her side. The vet sewed her up and had to keep her for awhile, all for $50–for a teenager with her first job.


    1. He had plenty of sunflower seed, though. It got wet in the closed platform when we had all that rain, so I dumped it out and let the squirrels and pigeons–they make a fast clean-up crew!


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