Share Your World–May 29, 2017

Share Your World

Here are Cee’s questions for this week, are you ready to Share Your World?

What is the most famous landmark or building you have ever seen?
A famous landmark would be Walt Disney World, and for the building, I’ll say the Washington Monument. I vaguely remember bits and pieces of a trip to Washington D.C. when I was seven, but I vividly remember the thought of suffocating in the totally-packed elevator that took us to the top of the monument.

Do you like long vacation or lots of mini-vacations?
I like vacation. Period. 

What is your favorite National or State Park?
First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia–my hometown state park! 

What is your fantasy vacation?
Seeing the Canadian Rockies via rail. Heck, if we’re going for fantasy, let’s go with the rail trip across all of Canada. 

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
Grateful for travel safety for family, furniture shopping…I look forward to warmer weather and all the flowers popping up, baby birds at the feeders…

That’s it for this week’s Share Your World, I hope you’ll share yours, too!

20 thoughts on “Share Your World–May 29, 2017

  1. Good ones this week. Here are my answers
    1. The most impressive famous landmark/building I have seen so far is Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. It is incredible.
    2. Like you, I’ll take any vacation. I do enjoy short little trips though, even a day trip makes me happy.
    3. Banff National Park will always be my favourite.
    4. I really hope you get to see the Canadian Rockies by rail. You will love it! My fantasy vacation is a month or two in New Zealand and Australia.
    5.I am grateful for my North American visitors who are coming in one week!!

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  2. I would remember such an elevator ride too. It makes me extra grateful that the monument was closed for repairs when we went a few years ago 🙂 vacation is nice. I’ll have to settle for mental vacations though (I have that covered! )

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    1. I’d like to do a lighthouse tour, but the thought of narrow space and people in front and behind isn’t appealing. I like the idea of a mental vacation!


  3. Good Morning, Patti!
    Famous landmark, the The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. I was pretty excited to have toured and visited the Pentagon often in Washington D.C. when CH worked there.
    I like a long vacation in winter to Venice, Florida! But I do love day trips.
    Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri for State Park
    My fantasy vacation… Tuscany, Italy

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    1. I need to go back to D.C. now that I’m at an age where I can truly appreciate it. We visited a lot of sites, but I only remember snippets. A warm place to escape winter is always welcome! I was ready to move to Tuscany after seeing the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Hope you’re having a great week, Pix!


  4. I would certainly agree with your thoughts on vacation, and if we are talking about a fantasy vacation, how about an all expenses paid trip to see any and everything, stop when we want to stop, someone else to do the driving…take the train trip, and take a boat down the Mississippi River–and that is just a start!

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  5. The military brings a lot of people to our area. I grew up in WV, but and moved here with an employment opportunity. I’d visited this area when two of my brothers were stationed here with the Navy, and later on my Army brother was just up the road a bit at Fort Eustis. Blessings to you, Suzanne, have a lovely week!


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