Wild Bird Wednesday #251

Wild Bird Wednesday

Double-crested Cormorant–Immature

I stopped by the Double-crested Cormorant “hang out” when visiting Norfolk Botanical Garden. There weren’t as many as in this post. Their double crest is only seen on adult birds during breeding season. I found the feathered-wing patterns interesting on this juvenile, as the adults are solid black. 

Cormorants differ from other water birds, having less preening oil on their feathers. That is why they are often seen perched near water with wings expanded to facilitate drying. These “water-logged” feathers help them stay submerged as they glide underwater in search of fish, their diet staple. 

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18 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #251

      1. Yes Finally… but we had two huge Oaks uprooted and of course one of them fell on the neighbors fence. All cleaned up and fence restrung! Are you okay there? I saw you mention storm clouds were gathering!

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        1. Two oaks! That was some powerful stuff you had brewing. The clouds gathered, then moved on to the north and west of us. The waterways tend to influence the direction a lot of times. We had a few sprinkles and breezy conditions, but the T-storms disappeared from our forecast until Sunday.


  1. I did not know the reason they spread their wings. i see them all over the place sunning with wings spread. thanks. i have been having trouble typing on your blog and on one other one. as in when i type it will not type. i moved from Edge to Firefox and it works fine. the other one is word press to. i wonder if wordpress doesn’t like Edge… no reason to tell you this just wandering in my mind

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  2. Hi Patti! great photo of this young one…I have a question for you. Did you write a post on your email inbox being full when you went on a trip? I have contacted support from wordpress but haven’t heard back yet. I want to know how to switch over to just using my Reader to eliminate the clutter(in email inbox) and be able to read posts and stay up to date. At the rate I am going I get so behind and I can’t keep up with it. I just don’t want to end up unfollowing anyone if I try to do it my way…Thanks Patti!


    1. Thanks! My email box runneth over continually! I was going to switch to the reader, but I couldn’t get blogspot posts through it, another reader was required for those. Needless to say, I didn’t manage that well. I ended up having three different email accounts, two for important things (personal/financial and online shopping) and one for the blog notifications. Let me know if you find a solution.

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      1. I don’t think I have heard from support and on top of it my computer runs slow and I do believe it has to do with the server but we are stuck with them for almost another year. Anyway I decided to go to the Notification Settings and made some adjustments. I hope it works. I will find out…

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