Wordy Wednesday, Almost Thursday

I promised some random thoughts, and finally have a few minutes to jot them down.

A Black Swallowtail Butterfly that overwintered in the shed emerged from its chrysalis this past week.

I parted with my camera for a couple of weeks, leaving it for repair. I hope no new birds show up in the yard during this time. I’m trying not to look! Thankful phones have cameras now, but mine isn’t much good for bird photography.

Now that my hands are empty, I’m purging more clutter from the house. I donated fabric to a local quilting group. There’s still plenty left should the sewing machine beckon; though, when trying to alter a top, the bobbin refused to bob bob bob along. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)Β 

Strathmore (artist paper) hosts three free online workshops each year. March featured Jess Park with Brush Lettering and Watercolor. The video lessons are available throughout 2017. The link at the beginning of the paragraph introduces each of this year’s artists and gives examples of their work and medium. Someone once told me to be willing to learn anything someone was willing to teach me, so I’m always trying new things.

Another recent fixation is making jewelry. I had a couple pieces that needed repair. Then I found a kit at Hobby Lobby

I opened the package, found the kit component list. I’d seen hubby assemble enough things that I knew to sort everything out and make sure it was all there: 50 of these, 220 of those, 15 of another, 32, 20, 140… (to infinity). All was accounted for.

Tools needed? Have them.

I made the earrings according to the directions, then moved on to the bracelet. “Form a loop on one end of the wire and begin randomly stringing beads on to fill up the wire.” 12 different types of beads, 754 pieces. All sorted out–then put on randomly?

I’m a bookkeeper. I don’t take numbers and do “random!” I’m pretty sure something short-circuited in my neural network at that point. I took a deep breath and began.Β 

Now I’m hooked! Here’s the bracelet and earrings I made. (My loops need more practice).

It is now officially Thursday. I rambled on quite a bit, I hope you were able to stay awake to the end. What are you working on this week? Have you tried anything new lately? How did it turn out?Β 

Have a blessed rest of your week!
Love ya!



28 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday, Almost Thursday

  1. I love your bracelet and earrings. Making jewelry was my thing a couple of years ago. After knitting. I have far too much jewelry and too many knit scarfs. Now I’m working on a portrait of a homeless man using alcohol inks. Far too many ink paintings cluttering my house. This is my life.

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  2. I like that quote and I need to find something new to learn, thanks for the nudge.. the bracelet and earings is really pretty, that will not be a new thing I learn, I got antsy just thinking of stringing all those beads.. takes patience to sew or string beads. the bobbin was the death of my sewing in school back in the late 50’s. I hated that bobbin.. and never learned to sew. I had hoped the new ones would be better…. now I am off to figure out somethingnew to learn

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    1. Can’t wait to see what you learn next! Thank you. This bracelet was really easy, the beads are on memory wire. I took the bobbin case apart and cleaned it, now it works! Now I have to remember what I wanted to sew…I remember the bobbins in school, those things were downright hateful. They are much better now, just have to keep them clean.


  3. I like that bracelet. Random is hard to do – I love doing things randomly, but there’s a fine line between cool random and hot mess. Any direction to do something randomly would throw my order loving girl for a loop!

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    1. Thanks! I think everyone I know has dabbled in jewelry at one time or another. Some of them are really good at it. What is your new recipe for? Have you posted about it? I’m WAY behind again.


  4. Beautiful black swallowtail! There is a yellow swallowtail that I see floating across my back yard every day, but so far it has not lighted — thus no photos. I admire your patience for jewelry making. You came out with some lovely set!


  5. This is a most excellent random thoughts post. I particularly like the randomness of making the jewelry and how it challenged you to go against your bookkeeping orderliness and go all random to string the beads! The jewelry is very pretty. I love the earrings! I hope they make a speedy repair to your camera… πŸ™‚ Patti, reading some of the comments here about randomness is very interesting. It could be a post of its own. I used to be an orderly kind of person… everything in its place, things done on certain days, etc. Now I am a more random kind of person trying to take the pressure off. I like Becky’s comment! So happy for another butterfly to flutter the spring air!

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    1. Thanks, Pix! He gave me a two-week estimate of time on the camera. I’ve made it through one week! LOL You’re right, it can turn stressful to have a rigid schedule. I liked Becky’s comment, too. So far, three new butterflies emerged! Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. Beautiful butterfly. It’s neat that it wintered in your shed. That’s so cool.
    You have a lot going on. I hope your camera gets fixed and back in your hands soon.
    Lovely jewelry. You have a talent for beadwork; very pretty colors and design.


    1. Thanks, E.C. I can’t take credit for the colors and design, it came as a kit, I just followed directions (as best I could). Hopefully, I’ll hear something about the camera in the coming week.

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    1. Thanks, Rose. The kit came with all the beads and parts to make the earrings and bracelet, so I can’t take credit for that. I liked the teal and wood combination.


  7. I love the jewelry, don’t care if it was a kit. Sarah and I want to get into it, but have to work thru some of the backlog we have. plus, our health. . . So glad your butterfly stayed for you to photograph. Miss you.


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