38 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v3.15

  1. Happy Easter, Patti. Nice choice for blossoms, my lemon tree bloomed in February. I probably had a picture. I haven’t ever seen an Osprey that I know have. If I did I would have mistaken it for an Eagle. I may look up how to tell the difference.


    1. Thank you, Jim. I’ll have to look up a flowering lemon tree to see what that looks like. Here, the eagles and osprey often vie for the same fish. It’s easier to steal one than catch your own! LOL The osprey has a lot more white on it than an eagle, and lighter brown feathers.


  2. There is an Osprey nest a few miles up the road from me that I delight in checking on every year. It’s a bit early here – your spring is far more advanced than ours. It seems to be resisting arriving this year – or perhaps it’s Old Man Winter who is resisting leaving.


    1. I know, old man winter did not go easily, but kicking and screaming! This picture was taken last year, I think. I drive by the location of another nest that’s been used the past two years–in an office park–but there’s no activity there yet. Hopefully, your spring isn’t far off.

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  3. An osprey! How exciting! I’d love to see one to photograph. Your week’s favourite is lovely – so calm and peaceful, and lovely to see the green leaves. It will be a while before the dianthus show up here!


    1. The Osprey photo was taken at First Landing State Park. It borders the Chesapeake Bay to the north, a river on the west, and lies a block from the Atlantic Ocean to the east. There are quite a few Osprey nests along a couple of the trails.


    1. Thanks, Phyllis! There are a number of trees like that, several with Osprey nests, at our local state park. I hoped to capture some of the tree’s essence along with the size of the nest.


  4. What a majestic beauty the osprey is, sitting so proud protecting that great nest.
    The trees are beautiful.
    I really like sweet Williams, mine’s in bloom now. They’re quite a hardy flower and yet they look so dainty.


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