Just Ducky

Just Ducky

Cee’s a bit under the weather this week, so there’s no Share Your World post. I’ll still be sharing my world with you, though, random as it might be. 

A pair of Mallard ducks stop by for dinner, a little wading, a bit of a snooze, and then they’re off again until the next evening. DSCN4964

We hoped to visit “the kids” this past weekend, but our grandson tested positive for the flu earlier in the week. By Saturday, Z and Suzanne weren’t feeling well, and the number of patients in “quarantine” increases almost daily. 

I finally got Suzanne’s birthday present made, and I’d love to share it with you–but I don’t want her to see it here first. 

Hubby took his first-ever personal day off from work today. Too bad he had to work on a plumbing issue! Suzanne says he really knows how to enjoy a personal day.

Today was near 70F (21C). I filled feeders and put fresh water in the birdbaths (much needed after the ducks visited). Then I saw the pile of leaves I’d raked off one of the beds last week, so I bagged those. Container plants needed water. A lovely specimen of Spiny Sow Thistle sprung up next to the HVAC unit–nearly a foot tall, so I took that out before it multiplied. The Loropetalum and Spirea needed light pruning where the frost bit them. It’s amazing how many things one can find to do outside on a pretty day. 

What have you been up to?








28 thoughts on “Just Ducky

  1. I haven’t done much outside — we got a fresh snowfall of many inches the day before April (and into the 1st, too) — so I’ve just been re/organizing inside. I love your ducks photo. Mallards are so common around here, yet they strike me as being utterly beautiful!


    • A lot of Mallards here, too, but this pair visits our yard every spring. I’m delighted to provide them a snack, water to stand in, and a safe place for a snooze. I like to work inside when it’s cold–obviously we haven’t had enough cold days, for there is still much to do!

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  2. Most of my spring cleanup involves pine needles, pine cones and disrespectful grasses. I intended to attack them today, but apparently made some kind of move that offended my back, so I stayed inside.


    • We have our share of disrespectful grasses, too. Sorry to hear you offended your back–they can be so testy! Hopefully it didn’t put you down for the count and you could still work on your art.

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    • We seem to have alternately cool days, then warm, back to cool–so the mornings and evenings do tend to be a bit chillier. My ears don’t like the cold, so I either have on a hood, hat, or ear band.


  3. I am so behind in my yard work. Hopeful soon. Sorry to hear your family has the flue. A lot of people are sick.


    • It’s easy for yard work to get ahead of us with the weather the way its been. I have heard of a lot of illness this spring. All nine of them had something the last couple of weeks, mostly flu.


    • Thanks, Linda. It seemed like almost every day the head count went up with illness until every last one of them had something. Hoping it will be safe to visit soon!


  4. The duck keeping his feet wet that way is so cute! Isn’t it funny that when our kids grow up, we still call them “kids!” Thank you much dear Patty to share your world with ALL SEASONS! Hope your family recover quickly from the flue!


    • Thanks, Jesh! I do enjoy watching those silly ducks. Yes, we just call the whole family “kids!” They’ve all had something the past two weeks, several being the flu. We hope to get to visit them soon. Thanks for hosting All Seasons.


  5. I wish I lived close enough to water to have ducks visit! Mallards are so beautiful.

    Sorry everyone has been sick and you can’t visit, but better to avoid getting sick if you can.


  6. Our kids and their little ones have had a lot of icky stuff this year, sadly with all my medication I need to stay away…..not that I ever wanted what they had anyway! 😉 Always glad to putter in the garden….always a joy!


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